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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Merlin745, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. WTF :!: The new TA Mercian Bn is only going to have a fire team in Notts/Derbys :!: Whys it been abandoned, its not as if its a poor recruiting area, when I joined the TA the mercians had two TA Bns (which included several WFR Coys) and it also had one of the largest Bns in the TA. (Historically the Mansfield Coy is Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry not WFR)

    Why has the Rifles again been allowed to have a TA presence in WFR/Mercian recruiting areas (Herefords (36th Foot) merged Worcs (29th) in 1881?)
  2. Herefordshire has a LI TA presence.

    Regiments.org shows the lineage of the Herefordshire Light Infantry from the Herefordshire and Radnor Rifle Volunteers to the current platoon in The West Midlands Regiment.

    What will happen in the future is less clear. Will the Salopians and Herefordians rebadge as Rifles or Mercians?

    Manu Forti
  3. I knew that, what was the reasoning behind it. I understand it also had a short life as a KSLI TA Bn before becoming 1st Bn Herefordshire Regt (and are one of the few regiments to merge with a regular regiment).

    I'm guessing it was something to do with local pride, not wanting to be in a 3 TA Bn Worcester Regt or subsumed into KSLI.

    In 1908 the regiments forming the now 4 Mercians mustered

    4 Cheshire TA Bns
    4 Staffs TA Bns
    4 Sherwood Foresters
    3 Worcestershire & Herefordshire Bns (inc HLI)
    2 Warwicks
    1 KSLI

    A total of 18 Bns, using that as a rough guide to recruiting potential - 44% come from the current WFR areas. Yet will form around 17% of the new Bn. BTW I quite like the old old Worcs badge quite like the Cheshire Badge (and I hate the f**king double headed chicken - hmm Mercians nickname KFC or the Chickens)
  4. That's normal. Each 3 PWRR Coy (including "D Coy" and HQ Coy) fielded a standing Brigade or two in 1908. Our armies have just gotten smaller.

    Note, it seems 4 Mercian might be lucky and keep both Cheshire Coys....
  5. That wasn't my point, the WFR areas of the 'Mercians' have a huge recruiting potential compared to other parts of the regiment but that isn't reflected in the make up of the TA Bn.

    It has yet again fallen foul to regular army politics, 1/3 of the TA Mercians not being Mercian :?: Guess which TA Bn gets cut next time (afterall they can't recruit enough Mercians to fill a Bn)
  6. No larger than East Anglia, Scotland or the Home Counties? Around the 5 million population mark?

    The Midlands has a raft of CS and CSS units to support too, no?

    At the end of the day, this isn't a West Mercia problem, it's the fact that our modern TA has fallen well below "national coverage" size.
  7. hiya,
    might be able to shed some light on the mercians,we will be taking on crewe,maceslfield,liverpool,etc with our mortar unit going from wolverhampton to liverpool,alot of disgrunted guys their as most will leave,if they havent already,for the wmr in iraq the new normandy company will be joining up with most of us on their return,if they dont shoot each other as they have some real serious attitude problems,

    I think it will go pete tong,but time will tell,if theirs anyboby left after our op telic 7 tour,while fun teh headsheds did their best to ruin it,the foot soldiers won the respect of the regs while im sure the ruperts and sergents did their best to get all the plaudits and do nothing apart from sleep as much as possible while everyone alse pulled 18 hour days.

    hey thats what you get the rank for.

    people skills the wmr headsheds have none.

  8. msr

    msr LE

    Macclesfield you say?

    P.S. Use the "." to break up your thoughts, reading stream-of consciousness isn't easy.
  9. erm, we left several years ago
  10. Yes you are correct, is Herefordshire a regular recruitment area for LI or Mercians? 36th Foot - Herefordshire Regiment being an ancestor of the Mercians
  11. Your mortars are going nowhere near Liverpool,The Duke of Lancaster Coy's(formerly KING's)are going to be part of the 4 LANCS gang centered around Preston
    All The Bessst