4 mercian

Currently looking at my options and leaving the regs but would like to continue "soldiering" part time.

My local unit is F coy, 4 Mercian however I can only find limited information regarding them. I have read that they have the MG platoon, is this the only specialisation they have ?

Also seeing as im currently not a infanteer, I know I would be expected to complete the 2 week CIC course in Catterick, would I be expected to complete any other courses or training when first joining ?

Give them a ring. Find out from the horses mouth also have a look at the thread of whos staying and going within 4 Mercian.
If you mean Burton, they are MG Plt.
Final sentance, depending on your current trade/level you may(probably) have to do TSC (B) then CIC(dont take this as gospel from me though).
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