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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sapukay, Aug 27, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone heard anything about the future structure of 4th Bn, Mercian Regiment?
  2. hey,

    well ive been told of the propsed structure but nothing is definate at the moment.

    the current west midlands regiment will have D (WFR) coy of the east of england regiment tagged on.

    the WFR, cheshire and staffords coys will have a new capbadge as will their regular counterparts. the fusilier and light inf coys currently part of the west mids will keep their capbadge etc.

    as far as company locations etc i only know what will happen to us.

    our outstation in derby will close, and mansfield will remain the coy Hq with an outstation at burton on trent.

    we will loose a rifle platoon to burton and will end up with SF(which we currently have) and Mortars, burton will have 2 rifle platoons.


  3. Whats happening to the troops in Derby? Are they being converted to Eng or are they going to 38 Sigs like the rest of 3 WFR did?
  4. as far as i know they have the choice of travelling to mansfield or burton.

    nothing concrete up to yet, but the above is what our OC told us.


  5. So a Staffs Coy (Burton) is amalgamating with a WFR coy (Mansfield)?
  6. As I understand it, nothing is certain. There are still discussions going on , and this from the incoming Colonel over a very informal tea biccies , sit down and hat off session.
  7. msr

    msr LE


    That'll be the first interview with you, the CO, a chair and coffee then :lol:

  8. It was , and only because I had the RCU on , and had the duty Sigs Biatch under "supervision" . Nice man though :D
  9. Am I correct in understanding the LI companies are keeping their capbadge?
  10. That of the Light Division Regiment?
  11. So the Rifles will have 2 Bns and 2-3 coys in other regts? So as already mentioned, 1x100% mercian coy is being cut from the mercian TA Bn but they keep a LI coy (ditto for the RRF Bn)?
  12. Am I being dense, or does this annul the supposed FAS ethos of dedicated TA to Reg Regts?!?
  13. No shows what it is, regular army politics.

    Just like SDR its all about having the right capbadge in the right area, to ensure the regular part of the regiment is well recruited. I used to be in one of the largest TA Bn's (maybe para's or RRF were bigger) but now they're gonna be a pln.

    So so several years ago in the midlands, their existed two large WFR TA Bns and one weak LI TA bn (I was LI - so I know all 4 Bns were undermanned) - so how come now we are going to get 1 coy from all of Worcs, urban Notts & urban Derbys and 1 coy from rural Shropshire. 35-40% of all regular recruits for the mercians will come from Notts & Derbys.
  14. I am in the WMR from what we have heard is that B,C and D Coy and becoming Mercian along with another unit from Chester. A Coy and going back to RF and E Coy are going back to LI.

    In saying all that there is also talk of that not happening at all and that will be forming a 600 man battle group in our own right.

    It is still all hear say and no one can give us definate answers but the changes should start coming in place over the next year, but who knows anything can happen.
  15. Prettymuch. The TA Bns are apparently all regional, so the orphaned LI/ Rifles and Fusilier Coys are part of that regions Bn or are converted to another arm. This harks back to the costcutting exercise of Options for Change with subunits like the Liverpool Scottish, London Scottish and London Irish Rifles being bolted onto 5/8 Kings and 8th Queens Fusiliers.

    Plus, consider the CCRF....