4 MCs for the Royal Gurkha Rifles

Absolutely brilliant!!

Gurkhas always have been dependable and the latest awards show just how dependable - its now up to the Government to recognise their commitment to the cause and change the law regarding the lads remaining in UK after their service.
Four! Only four?

Some disgusting politician holding the 'little killers' back?

Repellent politician:

"Oh! dear! Mr. Taliban sir, I am so sorry that our stupid and disgraceful government, who have tried so hard to emasculate the Army, allowed our naughty and invincible Infantry to confront your fighting people".

"Our gallant and reverred leader, 'Lord of the Universe' Brown, has spent eleven years trying to undermine, to reduce the capabilities and to destroy the morale of our Army, but as yet he has failed! The reason for this is becuaee he cannot understand the Army - he cannot understand why a man, or woman, would pledge their Loyalty to HM The Queen. He thought the grinning spiv, Bliar, had sorted all that nonsense with his constant reference to HIS Armed Forces".

We ahve tried, but until we can break a British Square, then I cannot guarantee success in our mission to castrate the British Army".

Signed: An Oily Neu-Liarbour Shite.
A far better man than I said said:
I did that not for the honour, but for my job.
"No close ties", eh, you slimy bastards?
Bloody well done!

1 RGR came to our OTC to give a presentation on leadership, which included Maj. Pitchfork. It was a fantastic presentation and they are all top blokes. Well done again!
And it also nice to see that all 3 of the soldiers (I am discounting the occifer) have been promoted, well done lads, good to see that you are getting the recognition you deserve.
Congratulations Jonny
Anyone know why they are called Jonny/Johnny Gurkha and when the term originated?

I have a great-grandfather who served with 1/3rd London Regiment T.F in the Garwhal Brigade, Meerut Division in 1915. Won the DCM at Neuve Chapelle, but was wounded in the stomach by shrapnel from shell fire 3 months later. 4 of his mates were killed in the attack and it was a Gurkha named Tupta that carried him back to safety saving his life. I've an uncle called John and he remembers being called Johhny Tupta by his granddad as he pushed him round on his tricycle (late 1930's). Just wondered if it was connected.

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