4 man compo packs

Discussion in 'RAC' started by commander, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. 1st Do AFV crews still get 4 man packs or is it all boil in bag now?

    2nd if the answer to above is yes could anyone please save me an empty box + the outer cover.

    WHY? need to use to reproduce at 1/6 for my Chieftain stowage.

    Ta all
  2. Its mainly boil in the bags now, i did come accross the old tins last year though
  3. Might be worth asking on the QM's board.
  4. The older ones were different. A rectangular box with a cardboard surround that slid off. Ace of clubs and menu letter, probably a load of other gibberish aswell.

    I've got a vague memory of ten man packs on Chieftain aswell, but I could be wrong, it was a while ago.

    All tinned stuff, apart from the pom.
  5. For 100% accuracy, you´ll need some "yellow handbags" as well.
  6. I remember a time in the 80's when there was a shortage of 4 men, so they started handing out 10 men packs to the troops at replens. Bugger to sort out between the crews, oh those days of eating "Babies heads & chicken in brown sauce - yuk.

  7. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but they don't do the yellow hand bag any more. Still make the beer, but it is wrapped up different :(
  8. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but they don't do the yellow hand bag any more. Still make the beer, but it is wrapped up different :(
  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    VTT - you need more whiskey with your water. You obviously have the shakes - double tap.
  10. Thats the sort I am looking for. Yes we sometimes in SHQ suffered 10 man packs, what fun trying to break it down fairly :D
  11. Other way round & I prefer 'Plymuff Gin' :D
  12. VTT - I assume your writing about HERFORDER BEER?

    God I loved that stuff!
  13. Herfie Pils was great, the Export used to give me terrible wind. Always needed to buy 2 ten packs for smokers - I to drink & the other to sit on, change round halway through. Always ended up sitting on the floor with cardboard & empty bottles all round me in the later stages of the smoker. Happy days

  14. Herfy Pils - four ten packs carefully handed across from SQMS's four tonner onto the back decks on rolling replens. Supplemented with 1 litre bottles of cherry brandy when the snow was on the ground, for that inner glow. Rupes went for the bottle of Grouse approach.

    Charge bins full of bottles or cans, sometimes they'd turn up months later in the less frequented charge bins around the traverse, providing a much appreciated swift one on the tank park. BCF fire extinguisher dropped into the ready round bin chilled them down nicely in hot weather.

    Have the H&S fascists put an end to all this?. Seems like too good an opportunity for them to miss.

    Edited to add - forgot about the mock turtle soup aswell, that came in packets like the pom. What's a 'mock' turtle?. And storing eggs wrapped in 4x2 in the smoke grenade dischargers, which were also normally festooned with the camnets and spare fanbelts. Takes me back, it does. SMG mags made stylish bottle openers.