I will be joining 4 LSR shortly for a couple of months deployment & was hoping for some usefull info (sarcasm to a minimum please) :roll: There is no info on the web as they dont seem to have a page. Anything like the facilities, nearest best bar, gym etc as i will be in camp for a few weeks, thanks.
the regiment is as good as any LSR.

Abingdon dire
goon_bde said:
the regiment is as good as any LSR.

Abingdon dire
I rather liked Abingdon when I was attached there in 97 for a Bos tour. Better accommodation than Bulford and at least it is near somewhere.
:D see you on tour buddy ,my tos date is 29th,to 4 LSR then off out with you after some training take your cards ,i'll bring the chess board

cheers me
No sweat chum, Texas hold em'?
Mate im at LSR gotta say admin IS a place in china with that crew, Herrick tour should be funny as they couldnt organize a piss up in a brewery, as for pubs and clubs, not many mate.
op tag was fun,now might not even be going ,reserve troop, "on the bus off the bus" comes to mind. still glad to be back in 60 sqn.good bunch of lads
I can guess that 4 LSR used to be that wonderful unit of 4GS Regt, Abingdon is crap, if you want to see everyone you work with every day then go to the Mucky Duck and then on to Buddies or whatever it's called this week. Not sure if 60 Sqn is as good now as it used to be, you don't see any new mushrooms adorning roadsigns anywhere.
Radio Troop was always a great place to work, just a pity about some of the people there (not talking about the lads there, missing most of them, diamond times)
It was a good unit to be with, not as bulsh1tty as some I'd been with. No idea what it's like now, it has been nearly nine years since I left there.
been back in 60 2 weeks now it seems ok so far,but just getting to know the lads,mucky duck has changed ,buddies is the same ,naafi birds just as ugly,food still poor ,

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