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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Joe-bag, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. Not sure about the rest but with regards to DIE training, my battalion has shortened it to an intensive 6 months before mobilisation.
  2. I think you should form a Militia made up of all your "sorts" who "due to many reasons" (normally caused by other people), who have missed their calling due to commitment being required for longer than it takes to gather some "action dits" and a shiney thing to show you have done your bit. You can include the "mid life crisis group" Oldcnut (oops oldcolt) springs to mind, other wasters are available search for "quick route" "fast track" and "comprehensive list of courses for TA" for recruiting purposes.
    Book up a charter with Easyjet, gather your troops that bring their own uniform/rank weapons of choice and job role title etc....Militia being multi skilled you can call it the Para Commando Sniper FAC bedding storeman non commitment join when you want and leave when you feel like it Brigade. No admin training or anything else to slow you down from "getting to the action" and you'll be surounded by like minded Warriors, not fannies governed by rules regulations.

    Just a thought:thumright:

    PS Any MP's (not monkeys) reading this it could be a great way of beating the cuts, Elite fighting volunteers with no wages medical costs/wages or pensions! Winner.
  3. I feel safe in the knowledge that you are around.

    I can sleep soundly at night, knowing that you are out there doing your bit.

    Are you my Mummy?
  4. I'm ex reg (9yrs infantry) currently in the TA,i know a few lads in 4 lancs and they prefer to send ex regs on herrick,mainly because they have more than likely been before,if you are so "committed" why not join the regular army? i've done herrick twice and worked along side TA soldiers,who,to be honest were just not good enough,some couldnt even handle stagging on or manage the most basic tasks like keeping their gat clean
  5. Oh good, everybody's been let out for the day....

    If there actually are any grown ups on this site, specifically from 4 LANCS, would you be so kind as to answer my questions...
  6. Walt was your word not mine. So basically your saying your commited, but due to everyone elses fault (older boys jumping you to deploy, COC failing to let you go, not winning the "deployment lottery" ETC) and you failing due to injury that then stopped your commintment rather than "fighting through", (obviously 4 Para's loss) you decided to not bother until they discharged you, the heartless swines. Instead of focusing on a "descent job" (looking for descent and ancestry?) maybe the regulars could have been a quicker option for a deployment, or is that below you on the decent jobs front?

    Not a Ninja Guru but not a wrap artist either, no need to "pain yourself" the likes of me Don't really give a **** about the likes of you.:thumright:
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  7. They probably would, if you hadn't chucked your teddy out, and got a touch of tourettes on your second ever post.
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  8. True, TA Lancs have a high risk of getting caught thieving, regulars get away with it.

    On the other hand. The original poster needs to pop into a TAC and ask. He seems to be a fully qualified TA infantryman, not sure how long these last 3-4 years??
  9. To answer your question No there is no fast track route in.

    As you have had prior service your recruiters will have to send off a special enlistment request to Glasgow APC and that can take months. They may not even give you approval if they have doubts arising from your previous service. This has happened with a few ive seen recently. You will also have to pass a medical which will focus partly on your previous injury.

    As you passed CIC within the last 6 years you may be ok to miss phase 1 but i would recommend refresher training..

    I would be reluctant to put you forward on Herrick training for at least 8-12 months until you had proved yourself. Your previous TA service hasnt shown much in the way of committment so far so i would question your reliability. I accept you were injured on P Coy but you are allowed 3 attempts. Why did you give up?

    Lastly I happen to know the recruiting team very well in 4 Lancs. They know what theyre talking about. Why not ask them?
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  10. if u wander in the TAC and show an overly keen interest in deploying u may send out the wrong signal!!!! best to wait to be offered or asked if you would be interested. If you put in some time and you aren't shite,you'll more than likely be asked
  11. fusilier50 that is a great way of putting it, without resorting to my little jaunt down the "sarcasm" road.
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  12. I dont understand how anyone who has been in TA for 4 years hasnt been given the opportunity to do a tour? Being selected for a tour isnt a lottery and your name didnt have to be drawn. Its who is available, who can take the time off work/family etc and who can pass the selection process in order to go. They put forward far more individuals than are required because the system weeds out the sick lame and lazy. I dont believe your unit would deliberately overlook you if there wasnt a good reason for it.
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