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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Vodka&Coke, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. Hi

    I have been thinking about joining the above. I havent been down there yet but i think maybe i could get some broad answers to a few questions i have here.

    Here's abit of background info, I'm just about still young enough to join at 41, i'm pretty fit, carry no excess and probably could get really fit really quickly if i decide to go ahead, I was once in the marines when i was 18 then got an MD and rejoined the forces 6 months later in the Scots Guards. I did another 6 months in there before i got an Honourable discharge after deciding it was'nt the regiment for me (to much BS) In hindsight i wish i'd have joined as a medic or similar. Since i left the forces all those moons ago i'm now a fully qualified Mech Engineer and assistant manager, however i dont want to do that in the army if i can help it ! I'm currently unemployed due to engineering being hit in the nuts with the recession etc..

    However not to be disheartened i now fancy giving it another shot, as a medic or at least training to be one. I'm really interested in the medical side. I know what it feels like to literally save someone's life and i enjoy that feeling, i'd love to be able to offer something to the lads in the army.

    So with that in mind, how would i fare ? due to being unemployed and having no close family i could easily mobilise and want too, whats the opportunities like to volunteer for Op's abroad etc ?

    Would i be stuck with one night a week and a weekend a month or could i put more time in than that ?

    I'd join the regs if i could but unfortunatly the army relies on a number at the end of one's date of birth rather than ability which in my opinion is totally wrong as i know people in there fifties that would leave most people in there 20's standing ! and all this BS about pension could be worked out proportionate to time served etc....
  2. Sounds like you have no dramas with regards to fitness and your age isn't an issue. If you have copies of your discharge papers from the Regulars remember to take them along with you when you go in to fill out an application.

    Opportunities to deploy on ops depend on when the unit you join is due to deploy, the recruiting staff will know this. You can put more time in provided a) the unit needs you to and b) they have enough MTDs in the budget to allow it.

    Out of interest if you decided the scots wasn't for you why do you want to rejoin another inf unit? If the med side of things is really for you have you consider a med regt or field hospital unit?
  3. Thanks for the reply JD i thought i was never going to get one.
    To answer your question, I have good mate who has about 28 yrs in the Kings Own Borderers, he said to me ages ago i chose the wrong regiment, what i mean by BS, is an over load on drill etc, fair enough you get a lot in a normal infantry regiment but nowhere near as much as in the Guards divisions or so i have been told by a few who have much more experience than me.

    I have been told by the local careers office that you can only get in a med regiment or field Hospital if you already have qual's in a medical profession. I also hear you can only get training in something like that if you join an infantry regiment. Such as a Combat Medical Tech.

    I also have been phoned up from a national army careers centre as a follow up call to my application, we ended up discussing the possibilty of being an instructor at the Royal Regiment of Engineers at the Engineering School, being a fully qualified engineer and having plenty of experience teaching apprentices and also being one of the most qualified people in the country at what i do, it could be a possibilty i could do that on a full time basis as a regular despite my age as i am led to understand the army will give special dispensation to certain people with the right skills, correct me if i'm wrong. I'd definitly enjoy teaching engineering to the young apprentices.
  4. With regards to going to work for RSME I'm not certain how they recruit, though it wouldn't surprise me that they would be prepared to take you as a fully qualified engineer.

    It may be worth speaking to the recruiting cell at a med regt or field hospital to confirm whether they will take you on into a medical trade without qualifications. Certainly the infantry have combat medical technicians but so do most other arms units and most will train you from scratch. CVHQ AMS should be able to advise you on eligibility to join the RAMC and can be contacted on 01904 442681.
  5. I will have to investigate the RSME route further but given a choice i would definitley take a regular army role over a TA one no matter the trade.

    I am really glad i found this site, brings back tons of memories listening to everyone chatting army talk, **** me its a while since i heard all these terms and some i had forgotten. Call me a Walt or whatever i dont give a **** but i will say this to any of you young guns out there, after all my life so far i have never respected anyone more than my sargeant from when i was in the guards, a twat, a master of discpline and hard as **** but an awesome bloke when in the pub. The 12 months i was in the military was definitly the best year of my life or at least one of them. I must be daft for wanting to do Basic Training for a third time ! no thats it i'm a ******* masochist ! and the lads you meet are the best mates you will ever have in your life.

    I remember down at Lympstone we where on the range with a bunch of TA, we where constantly taking the piss and we ended up making them spew up with our antics regarding drinking each others greenies and everything else we could find, there was no respect whatsoever for the TA then, is that still the case ?

    When i came out of the Guards my dad said to me why dont you join the TA if you like the army so much? i nearly ******* planted him for disrespecting a guardsman, is that kind of attitude still prevalant ?

    Hows about army attitude towards "civvies" i remember when i was in we all detested civvies ? half the time we could'nt wait to get out round Aldershot and Guildford to kick the shit out of them, or the Para's. Does that kind of thing still go on ?

    If there is anyone out there that was at Pirbright between January 1988 to July and then at Caterham Barracks London 2nd Battalion Scots Guards i would like to hear from you.

    Unfortunatly JD i only have my discharge certificate these days, should i take that with me ?
  6. You will not get into 4LANCS, you are too old, sorry.
  7. And who are you ?

    According to TA recruitment, the maximum age is 43, i am a good few years under that and fit as a butchers dog. i can run a mile in less than six minutes which i beleive would have me in the regular Para's where i young enough.

    I just love this "age" business, its about time the army caught up with us so called dinosuars, the world is not what it used to be where a man in his forties was considered spent, these days if you look after yourself and eat right, stay fit, you can go on for a long long time !
  8. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Job applications for RSME are done through Mid Kent College. There are usually vacancies on their website.

  9. Thanks for your reply wedge....I have made everything from missiles for the US air force (amrams, sparrowhawks and nuclear capable harpoon submarine missiles to mercedes benz formula one engines to the red bull renault gearboxes that are currently blasting seb vettel to formula one glory. how do you think i would fare applying at RSME ?

    and BTW, i can post some interesting photographs right here and now before anyone goes thinking i'm an engineering walt.....=|
  10. Sounds like you've seen it all, Mr. Engineer.

    Go for the TA, you can and should.
  11. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    To be honest I've no idea. You seem highly qualified and only my opinion way above what may be required. I've got mates there as senior instructors who 20 years ago couldn't wire a plug.

    Have you looked at 170 Infrastructure Support Group RE?
  12. I'm not sure whether to take that as a sexually transmitted disease or pat you on the back for genuinly giving your support to someone who could really help with the future of our soldiers.

    When you get to my age, the only thing i want to do is pass on my knowledge to the young lads who want a trade in engineering. After all if your tanks fucked or your weapons shagged who fixes the ****** for you ?
  13. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It's the Corps of the Royal Engineers ;-). Get your facts right before the phone call ;-)
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  14. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm sure you could start an engineering walt picture thread. It'll bring out the crusties. :-D
  15. Sorry Vodka, I meant it to be a pat on the back not STI.

    I genuinely think that with someone of your experience (it sounds like it, anyway) would be a valuable addition to any Army unit.