4 LANCS (Liverpool) - Any info?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by UnfinishedBusiness, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi

    I am serious about joining the Infantry TA and would like to know a bit more about 4 LANCS (Liverpool) before I haul my backside down there. In particular I was hoping to know whether this is a good unit to join if I'm serious about part time soldiering.

    Long story short, I did a very short stint in the the Regulars (Army Apprentice College) about 20 years ago but stupidly discharged myself after just three months. Regretting my decision, I re-applied to join the regulars but circumstances in my private life meant I ended up getting married, having children and buying a house.

    Sadly due to family committments I was never able to re-join the regulars but now at the age of 38 I so want to give the TA a serious go and put in the effort to do something that I should have done years ago.

    This is a last opportunity for me to put things right really, I've had to live for years with regret about leaving the army in the first place and now that I'm too old for the regulars the TA is the only option availabe to me.

    Can I expect to have a rewarding TA career based out of Liverpool if I put in the effort and being realistic how long do you think it will take to complete basic training including the infantry soldier training CIC(TA)?

  2. I've just read here at ARRSE that 4LANCS don't recruit anybody over 35, is that still the case?
  3. 4 LANCS are the finest infantry TA unit in 42 Bde.

    I think the upper age limit for TA is 32, however, my mate just joined 4 LANCS after 22 years regular service, so 40 ish. Obviously having prior experience in this case made an allowance, and also that he joined as an ociffer.

    Try ringing LANCS RHQ 1772 260362, I'm sure they can help.
  4. Age limit for TA is 17-43.
  5. I concur - 35 officer, 43 soldier, unless you have some sort of specialist skill / qualification.
  6. 38 is getting on a bit for Infantry, even stab level. Hope you are a fit lad!
  7. I'm pretty good at drawing?
  8. Liverpool... I refer you to... http://www.arrse.co.uk/miscellaneous-jokes/170356-scousers.html which summed up the old Kings and who could forget the scouse gunners down south on the island... now why would you put them on an island?

    Loved the story of the chap who ran from a dog whilst helping himself to goodies from the local naafi....
  9. Thanks for the replies so far.
    I've emailed the recruitment team at 4LANCS to find out about the upper age limit for joining them.

    I'll be gutted if I'm too old :|
  10. if you are mate, too bad but their are other support units. You went to an apprenticeship college back in your youth so am i right in thinking you were going to a support unit?
    look into reme or engineer
  11. Yeah, Royal Signals. Back then I chose the Apprentice College because I wanted to make sure that when I left my army career behind I would have a trade behind me. Little did I know then that I'd only see out three months of basic training.

    I suppose I could approach another support unit, there are sigs units in my area but to be honest I had my heart set on the infantry. Can't believe I've left things so late.
  12. hey man, you have left it late but not too late, I'd say look into your Sigs unit too. The TA sigs do some interesting stuff (my local one does anyway) and the whole maturity aspect comes into it too. Plus the more local the unit, the more contacts you make. which is great for work and play
  13. If its Infantry you want try 4 Mercian Widnes
  14. If it is still there consider St Helens, it is a long time since I served there, so I do not know what they do now.
  15. There used to be a ridiculous age limit (I'm sure I heard it was 27 at one point) imposed by the CO. However he has recently left, so I would imagine you'll be fine if you're within the normal limits for the TA.

    I can't comment on how good the battalion is, as I havn't been in any others, but it seems reasonably good. I wouldn't say the same for A company though (i.e. Liverpool).

    To joelndec, I assume you realise that 4 lancs is the only infantry in 42bde?
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