4 Jewish childred expelled from Austrian school.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Do you actually read what you make reference to Sergey?

    They were expelled from a JEWISH school, becuase their father attended that farcical debate on the Holocaust in Iran. How can it be anti-semetic?
  2. Need a change of clothes now, i pished myself!
  3. ah but surely drain this is the worst kind of anti semitism??? a Rabbi from austria...joining in with a bunch of holocaust deniers has got to be the worst....the term is self loathing Jew!
    i have been throughout europe and been to the camps...surely a rabbi who more than likely lost family or friends of family in those atrocities should be more careful with the company he keeps...its disgusts me but hey who am i to judge....
    sad when people choose to deny their own history...
  4. Sergey,

    This demonstrates the lengths you will go to in your desire to portray either Israel (and Israelis) or Jews in an unfavourable light.
  5. Sergey,

    Have you been pickling yourself in vodka again?
  6. Hi Drain-sniffer!

    Now let's look at this situation closely. 4 Jewish children have been expelled from a school without any guilt (their guilt). Is it a hostile action? No doubt. Is it a hatred to these individuals? Yes.


    Can be a Jew an anti-Semite himself. The question is open. Some think that it is possible. There exists even a term "self-hated Jews".


    So the question I hold is not so easy as you may think.

    PS. I strongly believe that children must not be punished whatever their parents have done.
  7. In this case I'm on the side of 4 poor Jewish kids. And you blame me for it?
  8. Sergey, where you bum raped by a Jew some time ago, or did you just have a crap holiday in Isreal, as you seem to be on a personal vendeta
  9. Sergey,

    I see where you are coming from but the answer is still no. It is not Anti-Semetism.
  10. Simply I think it is an interesting theme and a lot of replays shows that it is indeed interesting.

    By the way, on what side are you? The children or the school administration?
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Jews who hate Israel and are anti-semitic who visit the anti-jewish so-called 'holocaust conference' and whilst doing so, hug the Iranian president who has called for their homeland to be wiped off the map got expelled from a Jewish school. Whatever next?

    Let me see, politician who hates the UK, hates its people and who goes abroad to hug and eulogise a man who wants the mother-of-all-battles to destroy the west. Saucer of milk anyone?

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could do the same to people in our country who think 'infidels' should be destroyed.
  12. Because of the actions of the Father, I would say the school are correct
  13. regardless of the reason in the rabbi's cultural circles to have attended such a thing and embrace the main denyer at the end is unthinkable.
    As for your sergey if that really is your name.....sure its not von sergey!!!
    whilst i dont agree with all that israel does britain should take a leaf out of her book on her stand on terrorism...and before you start the middle east is fcuk all like britain and the northern ireland thing
  14. Oh Lord...no Sergey, I don't "blame you" for siding with four "poor Jewish kids". There is no issue here, other than that their father attended that anti-Semitic love-in held in Teheran recently (and yes, it was anti-Semitic, or what else would you class a conference dedicated to 're-examining' the Holocaust as?). Bearing in mind that the Jewish school authorities are no doubt acutely aware that they are located in that haven of tolerance for Jews - Austria - I think they are correct in their action. And before you start feeling sorry for the 'poor little children' bear in mind that they are the children of this rabbi and are therefore more than likely to share his views.

    Unless and until such time that Haaretz or Jewish organistions start complaining about this, there is as I've said no issue here.