4 Iranian Officials Captured in Iraq

A story about Iran financing insurgent forces in Iraq got big play on CNN this morning.

Put this story and T6's linked Fox News item together with:

1. Reports of a build-up of western naval forces in the Persian Gulf, and

2. The Bush administration's push for a "surge" increase in the number of US troops in Iraq.

These concurrent developments make me suspect that an assault on Iran has been planned for '07.
Must agree, King George is planning sumthing nasty for 07.
A 'War Winning' policy in Iraq, Onest, or a nasty spoiling attack on Iran who is still not forgiven for 79's hostage taking.
Ya Yank never forgets or forgives, till ya under his Boot.
From the New York Times:

The American military said Tuesday that it had credible evidence linking Iranians and their Iraqi associates, detained here in raids last week, to criminal activities, including attacks against American forces. Evidence also emerged that some of the detainees were involved in shipments of weapons to illegal armed groups in Iraq.

"U.S. Says Captured Iranians Can Be Linked to Attacks"
By SABRINA TAVERNISE. 27 December 2006
Shock and awe, but don't invade, remove all of the Iranian infrastructure remove its wealth and remove its command, it can't play anymore. Just don't invade.
But surely the septics cannot do it alone, they will need allies for the next great crusade.
Stretched but not overstreched? Not for long if the worst happens.
I wouldnt fancy going after Iran, thats a different ball game alltogether.
Indeed, reduce their infrastructure to rubble, reduce their fighting capabilities. But to try and occupy the country would be ludicrous.
The arrests were made at Hakim's compound - you know, the guy who they are meant to be bringing into the government.


Why not simply shoot them and leave them by the side of the road like Iranian-funded gangs do in Iraq?

Or give them some polonium tea so Putin has to explain that one


WhiteHorse said:
Shock and awe, but don't invade, remove all of the Iranian infrastructure remove its wealth and remove its command, it can't play anymore. Just don't invade.
quite agree. i dont think UK or US public would support and invasion. plenty of missiles sailing over - less personal, easier to explain. might just do it. Problem is you still end up alienating and hurting the iranian people, who may not all want to follow their jew hating boss. or maybe they do.


War Hero
airburst 75miles above the centre of Iran ... EMP takes out all their computers, microwaves, toasters, aircraft, nuclear power plants, anything with a chip in it and we're back to the good old days with gatlings against fuzzy wuzzies.... just in time for tiffin. Eh what?
Iran Focus


Tehran, Iran, Dec. 27 – Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki described the Islamic Republic as a "nuclear state", the state-run news agency ISNA reported on Tuesday.

"The United States and other Western countries are opposed to Islamic states obtaining new technologies. This is why they are running a technological apartheid", Mottaki said. He made the remarks at a meeting with Libya's visiting Minister of Planning.

"Iran has become a nuclear state. In the coming months, we will hold a grand celebration for our country's nuclearisation".

With the military research links to that other remaining 'Axis of Evil' pariah state the DPRK - anyone want to read anything into this?
Not_Whistlin_Dixie said:
eveyuk said:
But how will the Iranians react?

A couple of guesses.

1. They would attempt to block the Straits of Hormuz.

2. They would attack military and merchant shipping in the Persian Gulf.

3. They would do their best to raise hell in Iraq.

eveyuk said:
Should we be concerned for our forces in Iraq?


And they aren't doing that already?
Not_Whistlin_Dixie said:
WhiteHorse said:
And they aren't doing that already?

I doubt we've yet seen their "best."

The Shia have largely stayed out of the fighting so far, with Sunnis and foreign jihadis running the insurgency against foreign troops. Which is lucky as they are the majority, we're parked right in the middle of them and US supply lines run through their territory. Should they generate violence at a similar per-capita rate as the Sunnis/AQ in response to aggression against Iran then we'll see Rorkes Drift Pt II (without the happy ending) in Basra and - as soon as the Americans have run out of fuel and ammo - the same further north. Oh, and expect the Sunnis and AQ to launch a max effort as well to take advantage of the situation.

And did I mention the rather large Iranian Army ? Air power is great and all, but you can't bomb everyone at once.

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