4 Handguns but No "assault rifle" used in Connecticut school murders

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. And people wonder why many of us are suspicious of the media and the callous way it is used as a propaganda tool by our Masters:

    From Reuters 2 days ago:

    From NBC onDecember 15:

    I wonder why the political diatribes fail to make this ever so slight factual correction? (Assuming the NBC report is accurate itself)
  2. Well I ordered one to day, so lets see if I get a ship date.

    The main reason to get it now is to get ahead of the saga that may or may not come. So how is that gun control debate working out for them, if it just pushes anyone thinking about it to order while they can.

    Meanwhile I have noticed assault weapon and assault rifle are being used interchangeably in the media.
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  3. JJH- I'm pro-firearm ownership, and sympathise to a degree with the political issues you draw attention to. The problem here is that within the UK there is little understanding of the sensitivity of firearms ownership in the US. As a result you are left with people who agree with you, but cannot add strength to your lobby, or people who object who will never have their minds changed. You're wasting your time a little.
  4. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    It seems the news at the time got it entirely wrong:


  5. I am not trying to persuade any of my British cousins on this issue but merely trying to keep the FACTS before them rather than the propaganda that so many are fed on this and other "conservative" issues that not surprisingly color their views. Notwithstanding the opinions of my usual detractors, I am not (quite) as crazy as I may seem in the light of the false or misleading information so often provided by most of the media.
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  6. Without disclosing my source who is in a certain national law enforcement agency, the fact that the murderer used 4 pistols and only had the AR15 in his car was widely known among law enforcement from the first hours after the incident.
  7. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    Sorry, should've made myself clearer - my interpretation was that at the time the news said he only used pistols, and that more recent news states that the AR15 was the primary weapon - Newtown shooter's guns: What we know - CNN.com

    I put it down to it being in the interest of certain parties that a shooting with pistols was more palatable...
  8. And does this make any material difference to the murdered children?
  9. From my back channel and news sources it appears the weapons were pistols but the AR story facilitates the gun ban agenda. As is so often the case, it is the first headline that remains alive and any correction of the facts appears buried in the later news if it is ever even corrected.
  10. Ah, it's a conspiracy then?

  11. I think with both sides being in possession of a powerful propaganda machine I'll wait for the official word on this!
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  12. When I first heard that the Assault Rifle had been used I was a little confused. At the time 'they' reported that the rifle was in the car and not used. Then when the debate over gun control raged it had suddenly been used as the primary weapon.

    I thought that I might be just being cynical if the story had been changed to suit the anti-guns side of the debate.

    Maybe not?

  13. I think you are intelligent enough (do not disappoint me) to know the difference between my effort to correct the record that is now much of the basis for the hysteria over "assault rifles" and the murders of the innocent that I have condemned from the outset. Your post is a rather pointed example of how such efforts to at least be accurate about a given incident will be turned on the person trying to keep to the facts so as to make the person out to be heartless or in similar manner as when criticizing our current Master, racist.
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  14. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    A remarkably effective one as all the new sources seem pretty consistent in their reporting now, that the AR15 was the primary weapon, with some pretty detailed information, such as number of rounds fired.

    Does seem to be a pretty big focus on use of 30 round mags tho...
  15. That is all I recommend.
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