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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by smithy749, May 6, 2006.

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  1. The worst admin in 20 years at the Army v Navy. Woody has given us our own bar and great times in the past.Sadly its gone to an OC from 4GS to run with and what a shocking end result. Thanks 4 GS I hope your happy with the damage you've caused. Its all part of the erosion process. Thanks guys.
  2. can i have more info please

  3. Get off the fence.... 8O
  4. You say get of the fence etc but I fail to accept mediocrocy.Last year we had pretty much our own bar and it was packed with AMS etc. Yesterday after the match thre was probably 30 AMS in a bar full of another corps (I suspect). The bar was pretty much one of the the general bars. The"organiser" and I use that term loosley tried to make excuses for what was sadly a failure. My concerns are it will dissapear and therefor come under the erosion process ie another good thing gone.
    When i looked into why we had a sh*t bar it turns out the OC bad admin had sent down a RLC Cpl.!! to the event meetings. How will he pull any influence in the highly competitive jostle between Corps and Regts. And secondly whats his concern he's RLC.In the past we have sent as a minimum a WO who has done a great job as he was passioante about it.
    If you do it then you should be judged on it. Good or Bad, sadly this should reflect against individuals. I know it wont because the military is political and to be honest doesnt give a Fu*k as theres a 2 year cycle and we move on. At the end of the day its only a social and who cares.
    There's readers of this saying what have you done all you are is critical which isnt the case. I have set up and run AMS RL for 10 years and took them to Australia. Ran the AMS bar in the North car park at past A V N games.
    I dont like good things to disapear and individuals should be brought to account for the damage it causes.
  5. so you gonna take it any further....????
  6. Its not a case of taking it any further, its about the AMS doing a regain. Otherwise it will be gone. They (whoever) that may be needs to put a quality individual in charge who will do it for the right reasons. As has been mentioned in an earlier post the damage of losing such events can not be given a tagible cost but the military is about offering different "things" other than tours to its staff.
    As a civvie I cant do anything and shouldnt be expected to its your army not mine. Having said that I expressed my disapointment to the OC Bad Admin although to his credit he did try to justify his failure. I also passed on my distain to his CO who happened to be there. And passed on my thanks to Woody who has run it with passion and success in the previous two years. Its these small things you lose when you retire enthusiatic, experienced, non political warrant officers and replace some of there extra curricular activity with political chancers. The AMS's loss sadly. Just add the A V N to the long list of other losses. RIP.
    Dont worry as long as the Hosp at Bastion is a good one!! and the new one at BAS. Thats all we care about these days. Oh to be a retention officer.
  7. Smithy, what is your problem? From what I could see the AMS were given a bar just like every other Corps. and shared it with the AAC. So what? The admin that I saw consisted of civilian bar staff (provided by RFU) serving beer and clearing up. I met loads of AMS pers, and pers from other Corps before and after the match. Drank beer went home. What more do you want?
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Was there no dancing girls, Smithy?
  9. Smithy are you not happy unless your moaning about something? FFS you could have drunk somewhere else in Twickenham you know - plenty of bars to chose from!
  10. Smithy, dude, you NEED to sign off!

    Or stop moaning!
  11. Honestly, who gives a hoot!! As long as the beer is cold, I couldnt give a sh*t about who I drink my ale with! Unless its the Navy! Lol!

    Never made it 2 the A v N this year; unfortunately! But in my opinion as long as the service was good - whats the problem? O it must be cheap 2! :?
  12. Karabiner

    Even though Keogh is now tri-Service, it was the RAMC Association that chose to move the Drumhead to Aldershot. I know that it has been offered to them and am aware that if the P&P wanted their dinner in the Seniors' Mess they would be happy to receive the increase in bar profits. DMSTC may not sit comfortably with many of our old school but in the face of progress they have re-introduced troop names for all 3 single Service courses. Harden Tp graduate in approx 6 weeks and as I am sure that you will know, he earned his VC serving with the RM - jointery !
  13. nice post Fulbert, but what relevance has it to 4GS and its handling of the AMS bar at the Army-Navy game?
  14. FF, my apologies for thread creep. I was merely clearing up the point that Karabiner alluded to DMSTC going tri-Service meant the movement of the Drumhead and P&P.
  15. The more observant of you may have noticed that there is a whole stand missing at Twickenham, something about building a new one. Perhaps space was at a premium this year? A difficult concept to digest for some I know, but I had a good time; bumped into a lot of old friends and was to p****d to worry about who was in what bar.