4 french paras WIA in Afghanistan


http://www.lepoint.fr/actualites-mo...me-rpima-blesses-en-afghanistan/1648/0/277875 (in french)

It's the same unit which lost 10 KIAs last month. Looks like it has not affected the opeational tempo.

Four French soldiers of the 8th RPIMA were injured Saturday during
a clash with rebels in the village of Ebdakel in
Kapissa province, northeast of Kabul.

The soldier's most
seriously injured has broken leg, and the four victims
were transported to Bagram, reported Agence France Presse

According to our information, a platoon of 30 paras were patrolling between the two main bases of Tagab and
Nijrab. The Pn was conducting a reconnaissance in this village Ebdakel,
near the MSR (Main Supply Road) l in
the Central Valley. The men were crossing a wadi (small
Dry Creek) and were supported by two armored vehicles, a VAB and an AMX-10 RC light tank . Above them,
two A-10s Thunderbolt of the U.S. Air Force were circling
since the beginning of the patrol, due to insecurity well
known in this area.

A 14 h 50, the first RPG was fired, from a village by about 15
insurgents. It struck the French column. A 15 h 25, thirty-five minutes after the start of the fight, a first QRF was in the area, followed by a second at 15 h 40.

The French have responded with their infantry weapons, with the
12.7 mm machine gun of the VAB and with the 105mm gun of the AMX-10RC.

The A-10 aircraft could not open fire because of the presence of
gunmen in the village, and the OH-58D Kiowa U.S. helicopters that
arrived very quickly in the area could not fire either, for
the same reason. The risks were too strong to strike

A 17 h 05, all French soldiers had
returned to their bases.

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