4 DIV RTC...one of the best?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. I've had the nod that they are viewed as the best.. looks UP...
  2. msr

    msr LE

    So will they be sharing best practice?

  3. Hahahahah! Mate, if its true well done! However I think each one will get told something like that, just to keep the small (and getting smaller) band of good people turning in.

    Would be interesting to see if any RTCs have been told, "Your shoite, don't come in next week!"
  4. quality of instruction maybe...quality of food and accomodation definitely not
  5. Awww Crap - Just beat me too it.

    Now if they spent the cash to upgrade or perhaps used one of the mothballed/abandoned barracks in the area!
  6. Runour has it that the £'s needed to extend the kitchens have been found - with the extra food prep & storages area etc then the menu/quality can move away from the "fast food" variety to something fingers crossed a lot better
    As I understand its then the showers and ablutions to be upgraded.........
    During the first week of Summer Challenge, 4 Div RTC was the first RTC to be inspected by a newish organisation (I think the AGC Inspectorate) who have the remit to do all of the RTC's along with regular training establishments with a remit to establish best practice sharing amongst them
    It involved a whole host of interviews with management, instructors & recruits plus reviewing all the processes, documentation etc etc
  7. so the ITG assessments dont count any more? this a case of jobs for the boys?
  8. No they also came an quickly inspected too - very much the case of loads of lords and masters
  9. Oh joy!
  10. I think one of the visiting Major's was particularly delighted to see a recruits water bottle winging its way in his general direction and the recruit having to explain what he was doing:)
  11. Soz to question this but of the non 2 Div Bdes I've worked with, they all came last. The Scots with their summer challenge, 15 Bde with their taking CCRF stuff seriously, 42 Bde just accepting defeat on being wrong side of t'hill. 49/143 hmm, even 42 Bde does it better
  12. I know a PTI who'd beg to differ!
  13. So you've not inflicted your particular Black Hole of Morale on 4 Div RTC?

  14. gonna bite.... the Scots with their SC, which now all the Bdes are copying.......but who cares so long as the SUTs are trained to the correct standard ?, oh who provided the template for the other RTCs, esp RTWs? oh yeah 51 (Scottish) Bde IIRC!
  15. Good point FF Box and who was the first RTC OTW to be allowed their PO's to get the "badge" from Sandhurst?
    51 (Scottish)..no longer part of the team but still proud to have been.