4 cs bn, 17 FD Coy

Hey guys, Anyone at 4 bn Reme or been posted there before give me any details about it? more so 17 fd coy

Is it as bad as everyone makes out? lol
Dont suppose they got any tours coming up or anything?

Oh where to begin?

First of all, as bad as everyone says it is? Hmmm. I would argue that those that slag the Bn off have either never been anywhere else and are now on their upgraders or those that never truely took advantage of what they had. Now, that is done with, back on track.

Your posting order may say 17Fd Coy, but that is not cast in stone. When you get to the Bn you will be placed in the Company that requires you. 9 Armd Coy are going to BATUS in Aug/Sep/Oct for Prairie Storm 3 in support of the iLABG (interim Lead Armoured Battle Group). 10 Armd will be going out next year. 17 Fd are traditionally more of a support Company to the Brigade and tend to provide augmentees to the Armoured Companies for more forward support.

It is common thinking that 12 Mech Bde (who 4 Bn belong to) probably aren't going to deploy on Op Herrick 21 (or is it 22?). That being said, as we withdraw from Afghanistan there will be a need to surge additional REME troops to theatre to facilitate the Equipment and Vehicle's return back to the UK. It is not clear what units will provide this support.

FWIW I think that 4 Bn is an excellent unit (but then I would say that). There are plenty of chances to play sport, get your trade books done quickly, AT and self improvement.

If you have any additional questions then feel free to PM me, Im there at present.
Why would I want a real job?!

Next thing you know I'll be stuck in some little hut in Arborfield Garrison! ;)
You should be so lucky!

I'm leaving said hut shortly!

You good?
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