Looking to you kind gents for info on this unit.

Not a spotter, its for someone else..................no seriously.

basically i was getting my motorbike fixed on the weekend and the garage had an old army 1940/41 Matchless, something something, 350 sat in there.

It had a plate on its frame saying , 4 BASE WKSP REME, stamped 28/10/54.

As the owner found out i was army he asked if i knew anything about that unit, he is trying to track down some history on it, but hasn't got the old VRN.

So can anyone tell me where 4 Wksp's where based in 54? i have googled but no joy, the only reference to 4 and REME was, is 4 Bn REME better than 6 ???so no help there

Any help appreciated.
I believe that at that time they were based in Egypt as part of the Palestine support group. I await more learned (read as ancient) personnel than I to correct me if I am wrong. :D
No probs VG. He's certainly not going to miss it. :)

Edited to ad: That's all I could find as well.
We used to use an old workshops location when on excersise with the corps HQ back in the 80's. It is where the Were Park now is (looking at Google Earth), and many buildings had English signs painted on them. One that sticks in my mind was a building with 'Transmissions Workshop' in faded paint over a large door.
The tactic the HQ used back then was to hide in large factories and warehouses, which, considering the size of each location, involved some pretty large buildings!
Thanks for that, its a start.

Next time i am in the garage, i will get any Div/unit markings, see if that helps the bloke out. It has got a ser no painted on the tank.

Its actually a lovely looking bike, wouldn't say no to it myself.

Again thanks

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