4 Armd Wksp

Seeing as there is a 6 Armd thread, why not a 4 Armd thread. The Chieftain Club Naafi bop, scrapping with the 5 and 9's. 71 AC Wksp down the road, 200 sigs and of course, the Monkeys on the corner.

I was there when we changed from 4 Armd to 3 Bn REME, a sad day.
Was in wetmold for 7 years. Firstly with the Blues & Royals, then the 15/19 when they swapped and lastly with 4 Armd Wksp for 3 1/2 years. Was in FRG 20 for the majority of the time, but they binned FRG20 during Granby and formed a larger FRG11 out of the 2.
Had a great time. Plenty of late nights out on the town in places like the ice bar, felixes, zorba's, SL's not to mention the pigs bar.

Happy days!!!
Was in just over the Hack hill in Lemgo for 3 years with the Royal (Fight anyone) Irish Rangers....Also had the pleasure of doing my JMC at 4 Armd Wksp in the snow in 90.....

Used to be known as 4 Amstel Workshops back in the 60's, good old days
Best four years of my career...then they went and spoiled it all by calling it 3 Bn. I got away just in time!
I was there in the sixties, seem to spend all my money on beer, can't remember much else about it, woke up a couple of years later in Aden
Great 4 1/2 years (92 - 96) just as it changed over to 3Bn. Sent me away to Belize for six months and when I came back they had moved! At least we didn't have to go up Windmill hill and down the Hack on the CFT, killer! Was born back into the singlie world after ditching the cheating wife, so basically lost a few years in an alcoholic haze, but I think it was probably the best time I had in my career.
I was at Wetmold same time as a few here, absolutely loved it!

Brother Bear,as I remember there was hardly a flat bit in the CFT!

C.O.s P.T. on a friday was always good, followed by drinks in work then the mess then the Naafi Bop and eventually downtown. Screws Mess was good when it took over the old Garrison WOs & Sgts Mess, with easy turnstile gate access to downtown.

Being the last unit out of Hobart Barracks was shite though, the cleanup just went on forever.

Paderborn was ok once we'd moved but never quite the same. Heywood_Jablowme and wibblefishbanana, as you say, a sad day when we became a Bn.

Anyone who fancies a trip down memory lane take a look at Pongo-Pilots post HERE,

and his pics post HERE.

Thanks to Pongo-Pilot for the graft :D
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