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Having served in 4 AFA from 87 to 90 I would be interested in finding out what became of the following:


The Shack (another thread says taken over by the Russians)

Christina from the above (another thread says murdered)


PG - the worst soldier / medic in BAOR

Ex Guards RP Sergeant


The RCT and the ACC

The MTO - the oldest soldier in BAOR - rumoured to have been in since 49

B*ss H*gg from 211 Sigs - another old git

The Unit itself including my 432 Amby and driver Smudge

Dvr Br**le and his cricket bat

The locker full of fortryl in D Sect


And answers to the following:

Why the most unlikely soldiers have ended up as senior ranks

Why the greenest soldiers left a within a couple of years of me

Why the barstaff (me amongst) never got charged after losing hundreds of marks at the Xmas 88 bash (Welsh RSM could answer)

All answers and further questions appreciated. I was glad to leave after only three years and one month but still the longest job I have ever had - probably says more about me i.e. unemployable thats why I am a t*wat to work for!


Was at 3AFA at a similar time.

Don't know about alot of your queries but do have similar ones on 3AFA!

Didn't we always beat you at football? And at rugby? Come to think of it at the ski-ing as well!!!! (Swimming too I think!! :)

I would question your boast on the worst soldier/medic in BAOR cause we had him in the form of a little scotish bloke with the same name as a sly and cunning thing, although this was along way from himself!!

The RCT and ACC all became the Royal Logistics Corps, RLC with blanket stackers (RAOC).

[/quote]Why the greenest soldiers left a within a couple of years of me
Good Question, Maybe the good ones realised that getting out wasn't such a bad idea!! :wink:


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Don't know about football or swimming but as hooker for 4 AFA I would agree 87 and 88 were pretty dire for us. However Ironfist (CO) was a big fan and brought in some top players. In 89 we reached BAOR minor unit semi finals and if my aged memory still serves we beat an artillery regiment that year.

Dvr Br**le played in the team and I remember him being sprung from nick one Saturday morning by Ironfist to play (before cricket bat incident - another story for later).

I would take serious issue with you having someone in your unit worse than PG. Incidents too numerous to mention or indeed remember. On med centre attachment he syringed RSMs ears and burst his eardrum! I believe he went home on leave and found his family had moved!

Remind me, was 3 AFA Osnabruck? Thats where me and my brummy mate got nicked and spent a night courtesy of the Royal Artillery.

Another general question anyone know if the two long term AWOLers were ever nicked? Their names were still listed in the guardroom when I left in April 90 - they must have gone nearly two years by then. One of them even had the courtesy to inform all the seniors he was leaving.


I to served at 4 AFA fro 85-88 and a mighty fine tight head prop i was too... unstoppable and deadly over ten yards.

I was also at 3 AFA but after you Keo, im not sure what ever hapened to Armd Fd Amb in BAOR and if they even exist anymore.

The RAMC seems to have gone through some massive changes since we strutted our stuff.

Im sure the current crop of serving soldiers will be far more informative than this old dog. Regards


But im sure you drank enough of the stuff.... :D

I was a mightyt fine tighthead there too deadly and unstoppable over 8 yards ... age is a cruel thing. Regards


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I was posted to 4 AFA October 87 so our paths must have crossed - the only prop I remember was a fat splasher but me memory is not what it was. If you were there til 88 you must remember PG and Ninja - and our ex guardsman RP sgt. I tipped up to the unit as it was decamping to Westminster.

I think I did me class 2 at Sennelager but not too sure - spent most of the time p*ssed up - specially after got nicked and taken out of 20 sqn into HQ - the ultimate punishment - STOREMAN - under the venerable Tom W - no names but his rhymed with sh*tehead!


Called a few things in my time but fat splasher is a new one lol. I moved to MPH so only did kingsley, but remember tom, he was a bit of a plonker, but tried hard. Regards
I was in Rinteln 93-95, used to visit a few loons in 4.

Was back in Germany 2004, took a drive aroound Minden - all the Barracks except one have been pulled down.

The RBL Minden website used to have loads of old photos.

we have just revived www.armymedic.net , youll find at least one old boy from 4 on there - Si mon

Happy days

one name from history

The screaming skull

have a nice day :x


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Fat splasher was called Shuggy (jockanese) and was probably posted in after you Boris. I took over hooker when existing lad left - was it Schnacks?

Don't know the screaming skull - my first RSM at 4 usually got filled in by the trogs at the Xmas do.

I have received a PM informing me PG is still in - I find this quite disturbing - he has also achieved rank.


Gosh PG is still seving wow im glad i took redundancy.

Yes Snacks was my hooker and a mighty fine one at that, and he won a episode of 15 to 1, hookers were intelligent in them days lol. i just no i shouldnt have said that. Regards


I recall 3 AFA's Corps Cricket final at Minden, about 1991ish,when we were bowled out for 18 and had 4 AFA 15 for 9 when the last batsman limped out with his pads on upside down and no gloves and as SM thundered in to win the game the said batsman flailed at the rocket and edged the ball for 4. We lost the shortest cricket final in history!


I was also at 3 AFA in 91, what a small world. And to be honest they were lucky to fine 11 blokes sober enough to see the ball let alone hit it.

PG a SSgt wow i suppose if you hang around long enough they will promote anyone. Regards


PG worked under me in the QM's for a while - God what a mess. I noticed my name posted on here as an old boy from 4 - well I was the last one out, handed over all the MSQ's and Kingsley Bks then just walked down the road to Rinteln for my last 6.

Silver Bull -

The shack is now a flat and has been sold a few times since.

Dunno what happened to Christina though

B*ss H*gg & the MTO were posted to somewhere in England

The unit moved to Aldershot and the 432's were scattered to the winds

Iron fist went to Hong Kong and then to MOD shortly afterwards

the sceaming scull suffered a collapsed lung then went civvi and calmed down a bit.

PG a SSgt ? **** me

an ex Med Storeman/ fams office / dogsbody 89 - 94 4 AFA


Med1c1neman said:
an ex Med Storeman/ fams office / dogsbody 89 - 94 4 AFA

Ahhhhh I remember you well!!!

As there is a definite Ruby theme on this post I was the Tight head prop for the last 2 years of 4AFA's existance (also played every Saturday for Rinteln along with Swampy and the Thorn dog), before draw down to meathead barracks in the shot, sad days them, with the Skull as the stick man and Ed*****n-Jon*s as the CO the place was a f*cking mess by the end of my time.

Anyhow fond memories of the shack, Music Box, Marias and the like!.


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Spr Intruder...Spr Intruder...Spr Intruder...

Did any of you play against 65 Corps Support Squadron 91-92?

Minor units cup match.

Match abandoned after about 20 mins?

:) :) :)


Didn't do that one, but around the same time I remember some RE unit deliberately getting the match abandoned because they were a bit miffed at getting trounced by the medics.


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Phillip-Kotler said:
Didn't do that one, but around the same time I remember some RE unit deliberately getting the match abandoned because they were a bit miffed at getting trounced by the medics.

Could be the same game from a different viewpoint :D or IIRC it was probably one of a series of games with a history of bad blood!

RE team tipped up as 4 video cameras were being set up, one in each corner 8O

Did all the fuss start with the Spr and Medic hooker being sent off?

It can't have been that bad, we stiil had a drink in the bar afterwards, well everyone except the Ref. :)

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