4 AFA Reunion

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by chalkyw, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. A Big Hello to all the 4 AFA guys!!!! Manrealman put me in touch. I'll try my best to get down to the reunion, will be great to see some old faces. For those who don't remember this old Trog,-
    Little fat jock, spent a lot af time on remedial PT. No I'm not JR.
    Served 86 - 92 in Panzers, Mine had a Garfield sticker on the front.
    Was in the rugby team (subs bench) but was in Berlin for Minor units win.
    Finished up in the foam bath in Mon Cheerie's that night. Somthing else important happened that night as well?? ( Oh yeh The Berlin wall came down ) Was Bedford section in Gulf 1, DS 1Bravo ( Supplied OC -now Brig-with brandy) Had brilliant joint leaving do with big ginge with our own unit group Not Invited with little Paul s on drums & that nutter clerk on bass. Hope to do some lamp swinging at the reunion.
  2. fantastic chalky gazza cameron do you remember me buddy
  3. Hello chalkyw, I probably don't know or you me. Be great if you can make it in sept. I got to 4 AFA March 92 straight from the factory and yeah was a scab lifter....! Know Paul S, the clerk you are on about and Gaz of course as well as Jim stig. I was A Sqn in Block 8 upper floor anyway just saying hello and hopefully see you there as it looks set to be a cracking reunion.
  4. I used to be in 4AFA/4Fd for 5 years between Jan 92 and Jun 96 scouse and mee used to share a room with Si C in the old a sqn block. When was the re union and when is the next one planned for, if there is going to be another one?
  5. i was 4 afa 89-94 is that chalky the pti i heard you were pimping with fred orange bungy
  6. think i remember you do you remember me,i left before the rugby team before it got good.
  7. 4 AFA best fd amb ever, I was their 1984 to 1986 before I moved very quickly after a chat with higher arky!! :twisted:
  8. Hi Chalky...I remember ye mucker as a fellow trogg - The hunky Irish one who fecked off to drive Comd Med for 2 years 91 - 93

    Where is this reunion anyway...when is there going to be one here in Germany...I feel another Gyros coming on.
  9. Baggy, this is paddy k**g mate from 11sqn 4 div...i remember you now fella.
    remember me? Short, windswept and interesting skinhead from Belfast. met you out in the sand 1st time round, think you were with QM's or pod op (something dirty anyway...ha ha) I was att'd to 54 sqn amby tp.

    Chalky last time I seen you mate, was just before you and Fred had that wee spot of bother. Hope you're both keeping well.
  10. I believe the next re-union is planned to take place in Harrogate at the end of Feb. Silver Bull has more details on the main 4 AFA forum.
  11. Bummer, I've got to go to Belize for 8 weeks then.
  12. Mucker, water bout ye? I still have yer Dead Kennedys album here. Where are ye so I can give it back...it's only been about 15 years lol. We'll have to sort something out to meet up again sometime mucker.

    Yer thinking about the other Chalky...the other one was thin, black with a Scottish accent...this one is not thin, white with a Scottish accent...and a decent bloke to boot :)
  13. Ack sure this one is just grand fer now :)
  14. All those interested in the Harrogate p1ss-up should maybe pm silver bull as he is booking accomodation over 2 nights (twin rooms to reduce the cost) on a first come first served basis. Of course you could make other arrangements but it would be great to have bookings in advance to get an idea of numbers.