$4 a gallon gas coming soon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 1, 2005.

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  1. http://money.cnn.com/2005/08/31/news/gas_prices/index.htm?cnn=yes

    $4 a Gallon? You never had it so good.

    Wonder how long before the profiteering , robbing bastiges from the Chancellor down decide to lump another few pence on a Gallon here?
  2. I realize prices are higher over there and you deal with it. But our economy depends on shipping goods for thousands of miles, and when fuel goes up, everything else goes up. But I guess we'll deal with it.
  3. More crude oil won't solve the problem, the problem is refining the crude. The hurricane wiped out 40% of refinig capacity in the US. The gulf coast, affected by the storm, also provided 40% of refining. This natural disaster will affect the global economy, you think the Tsunami was devastating just wait a week!
  4. And ours doesn't? Sorry but the last time I checked, container ships didn't have sails and our trucks weren't battery powered. My bugbear is the fact that oil companies and, even worse, the fcuking traders/speculators are going to make a killing. Lloyd's will pick up the tab for the damage and BP' and Chevron's stock price will hit the roof. Any spam that complains about the price of gasoline in light of this fiasco would be like someone who complained they couldn't get an open phone line in Manhattan on 9/11. (Sorry to be the first one to draw a 9/11 analogy by the way.)

    Heartfelt sympathies to those affected by this disaster. Was in Florida when Andrew hit in the early 90s. After a couple of hours it stops being exciting.

    I am wondering why the local govts, if a mandatory evacuation was ordered, did not make greater provision for those having difficulty escaping and why they allowed people able to leave to stay put. Surely by staying they put themselves, and more to the point their would be rescuers, in danger and moreover, divert resources away from others that really had no choice or were caught out by sheer bad luck? I heard LA tried to impose martial law, but they discovered it was unconstitutional. I think if I was in local law enforcement in the area I'd have to find it hard to resist the compulsion to say something along the lines of "Listen ********, if you don't leave now, I'm going to have to risk my arrse to come and find you; and when I do find you, and by some miracle you're still alive, I'll kill you myself."

    Oh, and since we're talking about MS,LA and AL, can the gun nuts out there for once make good use of that 2nd Amendment you keep harping on about and take care of the b@stards that are looting? I'm not talking about the people foraging for food, water and dry clothing. I'm talking about people like the pr1ck I saw on the news last night with so many tvs and computers etc in his truck he couldn't close the tailgate. Hope he drowns under the weight of it all.

    What are the plans for the military? I know 21,000 Guardsmen have been mobilized and every helo in the area is busier than a Bagdad bricklayer. The Navy is sending 5 ships with supplies. Are the LHAs, LPDs, LSTs etc. getting involved? That kit doesn't seem to be in use for anything meaningful right now and it would be sadly ironic if they didn't since the WWII Higgins boats (landing craft) were developed from the boats used on the Bayou and built mainly in LA. It might have a problem on street corners but I must admit that a part of me is curious to see what an LCAC would look like cruising down Bourbon St. At least the locals couldn't steal the wheels.
  5. Calm down. Your post is nearly a rant, and it's not doing anybody any good. I wasn't speaking of container ships. I was speaking of the farmer in California shipping his crop 3,000+ miles to New York. Do you have such routes in the UK? And if you come back with a lot of bullshit about spams and guns and ungrateful people complaining about prices I'm not responding to it.
  6. The UK economy is dependent on trade, it's just that ours is international in nature, not domestic. Goods and services have to come from somewhere else and they arrive by ship, road, or rail- all of which requires, ummm- oil. (We get a fair amount of non-seasonal produce from as far as Israel by the way.) That's the point I was trying to make before you get sand in your crack. As Ctauch said, EVERYBODY is going to take a knock economically for this, so do us a favour- stop running round like a headless chicken, learn to develop a stiff upper lip and crack on without complaining like the rest of the world has to. New York can cope without avocados for a while, East Coast and Midwestern farmers experience better prices for their goods , reducing the need for taxpayer handouts through guaranteed pricing, and California agribusiness will just get a bigger subsidy from Washington to tide them over until their next visit to Uncle Sam's teat.

    You can start by going down there to New Orleans or Biloxi and beating to death some looters. I don't think that's a very controversial point. Oh and trade in your Chevy Suburbans for something that makes a little more sense.

    I think my point about the people DECIDING to stay was valid. Similarly I think the view that the authorities, since they had days to prepare, could have made greater effort to evacuate the weak, poor and otherwise immobile, is reasonable. Surely the evacuation planning needs to be examned more closely? This sort of disaster is a possibility EVERY year and what of the DHS's plans for chem/bio/radiological attacks? Hell, Hawai'i can has a plan to get their population to high ground and out of the way of a Tsunami in a matter of a couple of hours.

    Judging by the flag on your avatar, you might know something about the plans for the Navy's involvement. Any word other than what was on tonight's news?
  7. In stark contrast to Yank 60, who appears to be wetting his pants at the prospect of paying the equivalent of £2.20 a gallon, here is one one of his countrymen who clearly is made from the right stuff, found himself in the thick of it and had his priorities set correctly. Good drills, that man! :D

  8. It looks bad, very bad - From the Daily Kos blog

    However according to the to a tip at at Daily Kos blog the situation could be more serious than what is being reported 8O

    oil drum tip

    Maybe Venezuela could be the answer to stop any dangerous shortages ?
    As iirc, the reserves are unrefined?

    Edited to add: that it seems that Venezuela has offered to offset any shortages. Whatever the motivations, good on Chavez I say! May even help US-Venezuelan relations. :)

  9. I'd like to buy some gas, but I can't. All the stations in my town are out. Nothing. No gas. Maybe tomorrow.
  10. Panic buying or refinery shortage induced ? 8O
  11. Both. People anticipated a shortage, swarmed to the nearest station, and filled their tanks. I should have bought yesterday, but the lines were long. Oh well. Fcuk it, what can you do? I'll just stay home. Beer is never in short supply.
  12. Until the Beer trucks run out of gas? Micro-brewing Yank60 , it's the way forward! Or you can make your own fuel , just look at any search on Bio-diesel. So a quick trip down to the local Chinese , get all their surplus cooking fat and hey-presto you're mobile (Though smelling like King Po Duck)
  13. Now THAT'S the attitude to take. Que sera, sera. No use crying about it, other peolpe are in a much worse state. So count your blessings, kick back, crack open a cold one and watch the football. I'm sure the Raider Nation will be nothing but sympathetic and comforting to the Saints tonight. :?

    (NB. For British readers, the Raider Nation are the knuckle-dragging, shiv weilding fans of the Oakland Raiders, who host the New Orleans Saints tonight. They are widely regarded as being the most obnoxiuos neanderthals in US Sports- a bit like Leeds United fans really, but generally fatter and louder. I have yet to meet one who doesn't have all the charm of a junk-yark dog.)
  14. The return of back yard stills!!! Your location says Illinois, Yank 60, but if food becomes scarce you can actually take a leaf out of the Cajuns' playbook- if it moves, kill it and fry it seems to be the general rule.