4/73 sphinx sta course

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 888lep, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. I am hoping to join 4/73 sphinx but I can't find out the time I need to complete my mile and a half in? Can anyone help me? And also with any other useful information involving the sta course? Or if they think its a better idea to join the army first get some soldiering experience and then request transfer? If so what?

  2. Post it a few more times in different threads, you're bound to get the answer you're looking for. Keep it up Fella.
  3. Your best effort!
  4. Variation of a question asked a million times. My advice, join the Gunners (but it doesn't have to be them, just a bit more aware of 4/73 come transfer time), get some mileage under your belt, then transfer.

    Why? Because getting to Ph1, completing Ph1, doing Ph2, getting to a regiment, settling in, finding your feet etc, can be a pretty big change. Thinking you'll just roll into a specialist unit might be one step too far.

    Also, the current uncertainty over unit roles etc may have settled a bit and give you a better idea of whether that is really what you want, or whether something else is a better fit - Para, Cdo, different trades within your unit, SF...
  5. Yeh I've come to the same conclusion after all the different advice, so now I need to decide what part of the artillery would suit me best. I've narrowed it down to a couple-

    artillery observer but I'm struggling to find out what regiments use them and options of where I could be based

    Light gunner- but do they only have light gunners in para and commando regiments and in that case does it mean if I was to not pass aacc or pcoy, would it mean back to civvy street?

    sorry to question so mmuch and thank you for your time
  6. It's all changing, but right now the exclusively Light Gun Regiments are 7 Para and 29 Cdo. With the changes for 2020 ongoing, most Field Regiments will gain Light Gun Batterys.

    Why Light Gun though? If you want to be an observer, it doesn't matter what you're directing.

    AS90 Regiments and Lt Gun Regiments need observers, they are based across the UK and 2 Regiments in germany that will be returning to the UK.

    If you fail P Coy or AACC, then you go to your nominated shadow regiment, which could be another field regiment, usually the one with the greatest need for soldiers.
  7. Ah I see thank you again, I would be interested in being based in Germany! When are they due to return? Do you have any knowledge on the subject of Germany? Thank you again