4/73 Sphinx eyesight

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Fred5612, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. Seeing that there is a very low amount of information on this unit, i would like to know what the eyesight requirements are. Thanks!
  2. Try this mate, DIN: 2006 DIN002-211
  3. I tried searching for that sequence on Google but I did not get relevant results.

    What is that sequence? How should I use it? What does it stand for?

    Sorry for wasting your time, I am new here.
  4. I can say with good authority that yes, you definately need it.
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  5. Fred, DIN numbers are not available to read from google. They are info pages from the internal army intranet (from what I can gather)

    I found a few DINs on regiments/units I was interested in and asked my recruiter to print them off. This is prob your best bet until your in.
  6. No different than joining the army

    and yes there are/have been members with glasses
  7. Thank you for posting that! It was on this same subject (not eyesight, but 4/73 in general) that I wanted to know what a DIN was and how the hell it worked.