4/73 Special OP Battery

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by dave_johnston2k, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. Lads

    I am currently serving as a full screw on Telic 7 with the 4th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment. I am keen to give Sphinx troop some time, as I am interested in the type of work they do, and get some regular service under my belt.

    Can anyone give me a heads up on the battery, the blokes and the job?

  2. 307

    307 War Hero

    i know they were asking for those with experience in a recce role e.g. patrols platoon, on an FTRS trawl a while abck.
  3. send us an IM if you're interested
  4. i wouldn`t bother mate they are just a bunch of harrys that like to shit in bags and piggy back every other units exercises and ops.
  5. And your basis for saying that is ?