4/73 Special Obs selection and training help??

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by EloiseRA, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm female and I'm working up for S&T for special observer. Since little I've wanted to do this however upon reading up more about it I've realised sh*t, this seems hard as nails!
    :D This only makes me want to pass it more, but I was wandering if anyone had done/attempted it here that could give me some insight to how physically and mentally demanding it is? Oh and also does anyone know why 4/73 get so much stick of others?
  2. Have been out the game for a good few years now but would suggest if you do manage to come up to the physical standard required to carry your personal and special to role kit for sometimes weeks on end without a rubber stamp pass then you wouldn't be anywhere near a female as one would be able to recognise. That help ?
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  3. Serious question...

    are women allowed to join 4/73?
  4. Yes, women are allowed to join. I've got the clear on that i just need to bumb up the fitness. I can't fail, I won't fail I'd just rather smash it then simply pass it.
  5. Any photos so we can decide on your femininitty????
  6. I seriously believe others will be the judge of that! It is a very arduous course and if you use the search function on here, you will see that this has been covered in many, many threads!
  7. Several women have done well on the HAC STA course (now renamed iirc); so there's no reason not to try.

    I don't know that any have passed, but then again statistics and probability are against everyone who attempts the course irrespective of gender

    The 'threads' above are very useful but having been out 5 years, any advice that I can offer is probably redundant.

    There are other (ex) 4/73 on here but I'll let them introduce themselves

    The basic tenants are: learn to carry weight; learn to walk a long way; learn to do it all without any sleep!
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  8. I've got £20 on you being binned in the first week.
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  9. No photos, but I was a model for a few years, physically I'm quite feminine. Although after a lot of weight training I put on muscle mass like a lad and not a girl.
  10. Badger_Heed:

    I'll take that bet!
  11. We shall be the judge of that. Suggest in a bikini so we can assess whether you have the muscle in the correct places.
  12. Good lass, I do respect a girl with spunk.
  13. Oh, good thinking! You know what I may as well just go fully nude. So you can get a proper look at everything. Make sure It's all in working ordersof course. Nothing else.
  14. I was going to post the same old same old about women doing the patrols course

    But I like you, and with that sense of humour you'll be alright

    However its doubtful they will let you pass or even if you get through the course you won't do the job but hey, what the hell