4/73 selection

please can someone out there give me a no shitter about these guys.
i am applying for the jan 2007 selection and would like some hints and tips for training prep, fitness and kit to get ready.
please dont reply by slagging the battery off etc, try to keep it constructive, and maybe some others could benefit.
have you contacted the Bty? they used to send out a prep pack with a suggested 4 or 6 week training prog written by a 22 SAS PSI. the Bty itself will give the most reliable advice as the course changes over time. the BSM is a very helpful bloke.
To echo the previous, speak to the battery, they want people, they will help you, but also work on stamina, go the hills to train, get some baggage and walk for miles, but not the easy way, go up & down the hills the biggest constantly.

Brush up on your military skills, IT, and signals. The more basic knowledge you have the better you will get through. Remember its about being a good soldier, not a superman.
Morty said:
I'm of the uninitiated. What is this 'shocker in the locker' thou speaketh of good sir knight?
Put it this way, its a very hard course and you'll need to be ready for anything... (...right from the start hint bloody hint).

IMO its one of the best courses you'll ever do.
Ah, the "shocker in the locker", not to mention being referred to as "Dad" throughout the course and forced to drink vast quantities of ouzo into the early hours after a full day of lessons because the chief instructor never sleeps...a great course and a great bunch of extremely competent lads.

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