4/73 or pf

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bravolegend, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. hi , i dont need any info on either unit i just need a no duff answer to which one i hear great things about both but not sure what to believe as the guy giving me gen on 4/73 may be a bit bias any help would be greatful
  2. What do you want to do? Which one does that? There's your answer.

    Do you think this is the right place for an unbiased opinion?
  3. You've heard great things about 4/73? I have worked with a few of their blokes and they were good and knew their shit, however I know people that were attached to one of their troops on Herrick 6 and some who were in the same FOB and they didn't have a good word to say about them. I also did a course where all the examples of how not to do things were 4/73. Other people who had worked along side them on other tours and you'll never guess what, yep they didn't have a good thing to say about them either.

    Phone up 4/73 and speak to their trg wing, they can tell you what sort of jobs the Bty do, then speak to the PF and they can tell you exactly what their role within 16X is and then make your decision from there.
  4. thanks like i said all the good stuff came from them at 4/73 i was more towards pf thanks for the info
  5. Both organisation would require you to write coherent patrol reports. Therefore I suggest you concentrate on learning to punctuate your sentences.

    As to role while 16X PF have a clearly articulated role and enduring requirement, I suggest that the same is not true of 4/73 Bty. Given that the cold war is over and formation recce (including BRF) is done by the RAC recce regiments (with others attached/embedded), it is not really clear what 4/73 Bty are actually for; in the current economic environment this, may well mean that their future is less secure (than 16X PF).
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  6. thanks all info is greatfulf recieved , but the puntuation coment isnt true at the entry level
  7. Go Royal Marines, stick your hand up for the specialist qualification 'Recconaisance Operator', after finishing your general duties (you may not get it first time though) Its a way into the Mountain Leader world, a branch that in my opinion deserves full Special Forces status. You'll get your jumps in, plenty of diving, gucci kit and weapons, a load of additional qualifications and bags of tours/exercises.

    Plus chicks dig marines :) :)
  8. no way ive heard how nails the ml course is and how crazy the lads are i agree with the sf status as i hear sb go on the course and fail
  9. I've worked with both, at length but I suspect that's bollocks. They are 2 entirely different animals.

    Have a look at this, it offers more than PF and 4/73 combined.

    Brigade Patrol Troop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A further plus side is that once qualified you will be part of a unit considered as a Brigade Asset, that essentially means that you could end up anywhere, at any time and doing anything.
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  10. Then you'll also hear that ML's go on selection and fail...
  11. Or just go and do selection
  12. Different Jobs yes, animals no. But I guess thats a matter of opinion based on your lengthy experience.
    To the OP, just out of interest what reason would a bubblehead have to be loaded onto the Cardre (ML2) course?

    PS do not expect to be doing much diving as an ML. Unless of course the cardre as BRF, has now taken on the beach recce role?

    I assume the OP is neither a trained soldier or a Paratrooper at this stage? If my assumption is correct you will have plenty of time to work out your career path, once you actually have one.
    Good luck whatever way you decide to go.
  13. no dont fancy transefing to the booties thanks for the heads up
  14. I suspect you are incorrect there. Iin any of these recce type organisations you may find that you are the one doing the writing more quickly than you might initially assume, especially if you are the one with 'eyes on'. Part of most of these selection procedures is not just to select soldiers who can just do the job to the lowest level, they are normally also looking for potential for progression up the organisational tree. That being the case, may I also recommend some remedial spelling (all of this should be available through your unit/garrison education centre? It would be disappointing to pass all of the physical elements of whichever selection you end up doing, only to fail the academic/reading and writing bit.
  15. Alright, get that sand out of your vagina :) I'm a bit out of date but fair one.