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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by A_Matelot, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. Basically, I've been given the go-ahead to apply for the course, providing I can put together a structured training plan for my boss. Thanks to all the cnuts from my squadron who failed the AACC, I love you.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it is:-
    CFT- 8 miles, 20kg in 2 hours
    AFT-1.5 miles in <10:30 (currently doing 9:03)
    Bleep test- Don't know
    Military swim test

    This is what I intend to put together due to the fact I'm a fat matelot prick.

    Jack all

    Morning: Circuits with the bootnecks
    Evening: Full body Gym sesh and boxing

    Morning: Bootneck squad run
    Evening: Boxing and swimming

    Run in boots.-Starting at 3-5 miles, getting progressively further- and boxing

    Jack all

    Run with a daysack and boots. Start at around 10k and get progressively heavier

    Swim if I feel like it.

    Feel free to shoot it down in flames, but it's just a rough guideline. Help would be appreciated.
  2. Sack off running in boots and weight, you'll injure yourself. Go for longer hill walks with about 35lbs and boots.
  3. To the OP, stop being a flouncing nonce and ask a PTI to sort you out with a structured programme. What looks better:

    "Boss, this a a structured programme written by a subject matter expert that is progressivly harder week by week with factored rest and specific targeting of muscle groups so as to avoid injury and to leave me at a standard that surpasses the required standard of the course ofter X amount of weeks training I can do in my own time"


    "Boss, this is some shit I wrote myself and guys on the net thought it was ok even though I'm talking through my hoop and haven't a real clue what I am doing".

    You choose.
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  4. First of you have posted the requirements for being in the army, not for being in 4/73, as always the joining instructions give you the basics, the "if you can't manage the basic tests then don't bother joining" You will do them in the first 2-3 days just to get the tick in the box, what really matters is what occurs between and after.

    You need CV for the daily PT sessions, oh and a big bag of stamina as it is relenting

    Get used to moving cross country with weight at a fair pace, you don't need to be sprinting but don't dawdle

    But most importantly sort your navigation skills out, if you can't successfully march from A to B cross country with getting geographically embarrassed, then you will be in pain for the course, trust your compass, Nav Ex 1 I was a little cocky and added a few extra miles on my journey, which I had to make up time-wise, which was nice.

    Physically its not that bad, but it continues through out the course, so by the FTX some 13 weeks (as I believe it is now) later you are banjaxed. Watch out for the sickners, the safety wagon has a nasty habit of breaking down at the bottom of hills
  5. Agree whole heartly, don't turn up with an injury FFS
  6. Apart from the obvious brain injury, well I assume he did choose join the RN:thumright:
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  7. **** me... lets hope you don't fail either then... that could be awkward.
  8. I got lost on the way to the army desk. Fell down the stairs, cracked my head and the next thing I know I have a big chief waving an application form at me. After that all I remember is turning up at HMS RALEIGH

    I know. I can't wait to get RTU'd for being a fat mess.

  9. At least your sense of humour remains intact!=D
    It could have been worse, you could have made it to the Army desk.

    Best of luck.