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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by GunnersQuadrant, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    I have just seen a female recruit walking around Larkhill wearing what looks to be a guards beret but looking closer I realise it is the 4/73 "Special" hat.

    I was slightly confused into why this is being issued at a phase 2 establishment and upon digging into it further said female recruit is going to attempt to course upon completion of her phase 2.

    Good luck with that young lady, however what has really gripped my nads, is the amount of phase 3 5th regt personnel who have an issue with it.

    I ask why should they have? 7 RHA issue phase 2 recruits with the maroon beret as part of a recruiting process and as that is a recognised specialised unit why should a sub unit have a drama with it?
  2. yust my opinion but if you havent earned it you shouldnt wear it
    imajine your a 17 year old crow fresh from depot its shite seeing someone given something for nowt that you had to go thrugh hell to get
  3. its not just 4/73 that wear that beret, its all of 5 Regt.

  4. I think the issue with some people is whether the beret has to be "earned" or whether the beret is worn as part of unit dress regs. Certainly the 7 Para beret is now worn by all, regardless of whether they have completed P Coy or not. What are the rules for wearing the 4/73 beret? Is is a post patrols course award (clearly not if a ph 2 recruit is wearing one)?
  5. from your link:

    "Earlier in the day, in what marks a historic change in the history of one of the Batteries from the Regiment - 4/73 (Sphinx) Battery, the traditional dark blue beret of the Royal Artillery was replaced with a khaki-coloured beret. "
  6. Everyone who doesn't wear or hasn't undergone an arduous course never has a problem or sees a problem with this. Funny that. Ask the guys at the regiments - they all hate this practice. It's gopping.
  7. Well i'm wrong then. :oops:
  8. All serving members of 4/73 Bty wear the Khaki beret (MT/Sigs/BQMS included (even if "non-badged), phase 2 recruits on arrival at the battery who have applied to attend the STAPC become part of Sphinx troop which is a holding troop for Soldiers to prepare themselves for the next available course. These soldiers wear the regular RA beret until they have passed the course.

    When you see what the "Badged" members of 4/73 Sphinx Special OP Bty have been through you can see why they become so protective of their beret etc. I am sure that 7 RHA are equally sore about seeing the crows "Larging it" around RSA. To the phase 2 recruit these berets have no meaning, they are a fashion item to wear around camp, they are all in for a shock!!!!! :twisted:
  9. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    The above shows my thoughts in my primary post.

    A word used by 4/73 primarily to attempt to get themselves closer to the SF community.

    You dont have to do a special course consisting of eating snakes and live in a ditch for 16 weeks to be in a FST, which lets face it is their primary role. Anyhoo, the whole point was the relationship to the HAC, so why not if she intends to go to 4/73.
  10. No its a term used by the SSgt from Hereford sent to Catterick to run the Selection course, also the term Selection is from him as well.
  11. Regarding 7RHA - they are NOT amused by anyone wearing a Maroon Beret,who has NOT done 'P' Coy...

    In my day,you were awarded your Maroon Beret AFTER successful completion of 'P' Coy - prior to moving to No1 PTS.

    A recruit wearing the 'wrong' Beret ?
    What's wrong with wearing it ? Simple - IT IS NOT EARNED !!
  12. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    I agreed with all the not earned comments from the old and bold guys.

    Although in this modern day of recruiting policy the recruits seem to be "groomed" (not in the vile pedo context) by their prospective regiments.

    It is not unheard of for recruits to receive Christmas cards from units in past years. Instilling a bit of loyallty to a unit and forming a bond before the soldier arrive is not a bad idea in some respects.
  13. I'm not a dropshort, or even regular anymore! But...

    When I went through ITC my old regiment sent me letters, t-shirts, my stable belt and we even went out bowling with the some of the training staff and the RRT.

    So aye, the 'grooming' thing is happening.
  14. Nope, two non-4/73 or HAC pax there, and they're wearing a RA No. 2 dress cap and one an RLC beret. The female towards the front (and several of the males are HAC, hence the white belt, Red "Guards" shoulder titles etc.
  15. I miss the old psycho :(