4/73 Battery, Special Observer

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by ParaTrooper123, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. Does anybody have any information on the Special Observer selection course e.g. how long, what it involves? what kind of job/role would they be doing in afghanistan? How does the special observer patrols course compare to para or marine training? Also is their scope for other types of training such as HALO or HAHO parachuting or sniper training etc ?

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    Try the 5 RA website, I'm sure that you'll find loads of stuff about 4/73 (Sphinx) Battery there, and some stuff about selection.

    Failing that let your fingers do the walking and phone Catterick.
  3. The wah is strong with this one
  4. Have you considered 148 Bty too? Another specialist unit that is part of 29 Cdo Regt RA. Can carry out many of the same tasks but specialises in Naval Gunfire Observation. I believe you have to pass AACC (used to have to do P Coy after that but this stopped a number of years ago or so I believe) then the follow on training. There should be threads hiding on the boards somewhere.
  5. Current role of 4/73 is to provide FSTs (FOO parties).

    The constant ongoing argument about whether we need "Stay behind OPs" rumbles on and they have adapted to fill a requirement.

    The course hasn't changed and is challenging, but I am not 100% on what happens on it.

    If you are serving, do as suggested and call the unit - they accept applicants from all arms (I know a REME OFficer who recently passed) and would be only too keen to help.
  6. Whilst it's possible to go directly into the patrols course as a crow, you'll find that the average applicant will be a JNCO with a few years under his belt. Your fitness needs to be very good obviously, as does your navigation and personal admin; if you're an admin vortex or don't do well in the field for long periods then you won't get far.

    The name and avatar imply that you're still somewhat uncertain about your job preference. Ring the bty and have a chat with them; they'll be able to advise you whether it's best to try to enter directly or get your skills and experience up first.
  7. You're a spy aren't you? It may be easier if we ask one of the intell boys here to just go ahead and tanslate it into Russian for you; then you would have more time to go and ask bone questions about another regiment you have no chance of joining.

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  8. Pull your head out of your arrse chopstick, these courses are intrinsicaly different in length, requirement, content and expectation, to denigrate a 'bunch' of courses because one is potentially more taxing in parts than the other is pretty bone, I know lads who can motor on in a group for 30 miles with ease but would hang out and fade on an individual navex over Warcop at 3 in the morning.
  9. Easy Reni- read "bored civvys" other cracking posts first!
  10. I have to admit, the availability of information about these "special" units is bloody sh1t!

    Do you find out about 4/73 and other "non-elite/sf but obviously a cut above" units when you strole into the careers office?

    edit to say: ignore me.. I'm a blithering idiot. It's all on the website but doesn't make it sound so spangly.
  11. I seem to remember reading a book about 148 Bty (Falklands era) training included Commando Cse (All Arms), P Coy and their own patrols course (6-12 mths long).
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