4/73 and HAC: STA Patrols Still Relevant

There's been some chatter on this forum (albeit a few years ago) about whether the STA patrols role done by the HAC and 4/73 Battery has a future in the army.

Seeing as a conflict with Russian in Eastern Europe now seems a lot more likely than it did during Telic and Herrick, surely the STA Patrols role now seems much more relevant? Would be curious to know what people thought.

Also, the Integrated Review has put the HAC in 77 Brigade of 6 DIV I am a bit unsure of what that means for future HAC deployments. I hear 2 and 3 Squadron of the HAC are moving more into a more HERA role, which seems to fit with the other stuff in 77 Brigade. But not sure where that leaves the patrols squadron...


Any truth to the rumour that 4/73 is now under the new Special Operations Brigade?



So only 4/73 Reserves (HAC)? I'd be pissed if I was a regular.
5 Reg move to Deep Reconnaissance which would be 4/73 specialty, HAC to provide Bods to bolster numbers?