4.7% Pay Rise for Signallers.....?

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Any truth in the rumour that Sigs blokes and lance Jacks are getting a 4.7% rise? ;D

Or "They are, just not the AAC ones" :mad:
cant see it fella more likely 2.5%, and food and accom will go up 3.0% so we lose money in real terms!!!!

hows life fella?, good weekend?
No banana...nothing for common or garden signallers. BUT big FRI for Scaley's £5K for Tele Sys types up to £10K for Yeoman of Sigs.

Over 4% for Lance Jacks..but has nothing to do with Signallers..all toms are AAC Soldiers..and you do not get trade pay anymore. All done on Class - AIP and service IDD...bands for trades went out with Pay cut 2000 :-*

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