Is there any 4 -5 range qual people getting out and still have their range templates. if so, can i have them as i have lost mine/the dog chewed them/small children have run off with them.

i can't face spending the next 6 hours making up new templates as the last time i did it, i had some SASC nosh snap them saying too small too big, now Feck off Bleep. :pissedoff:
Oohh the pain and suffering, making templates was invented by the spawn of the Devil (Evil SASC)

All the sympathy in the world pal, all I've got left is that stupid bendy ruler that we only ever used once. I wouldn't even dream of going back and making them again!

Is there any chance of shooting the dog or forcing the kids to make them?......

I'd blame the wife if I was you...they're evil too

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