3x45CDO 1xCLR KIA AFGN 121208

RIP Royals,
Rest in Peace

Royal Marines

Footsteps, blood red from glories of the past.
Fleeting moments, memories, cannot last.
Hail the heros swathed in gold,
Laurel bedecked men of steel, with manner bold.
Blood red footsteps ever onward plod,
Ever forwards over sunscorched sod.
Through hail and sleet, snow and rain,
Never falter, advancing strain,
Irrespective of terrain.
Through frozen, sunstroked, retching ill,
They are tere to fight and fight they will,
They'll battle with courage, and consummate skill,
For defeat is a far too bitter pill.
They wear a Green beret, they wear it with pride,
They laugh at adversity and brush it aside.
Yet they are but human, they feel fear, they feel pain,
But when they are in action they never complain.
They reach their objective, capture or kill,
What they do they do with a will.
They are men of distinction, the cream of the crop,
They surmount every obstacle, they never do stop.
For they are the finest the worlds ever seen,
The ultimate professional fighting machine.
They are the first and they are the foremost.
They lay their lives on the line for country and Queen,
But they think nothing of it.
They are the Royal Marines.
Done the job ...................... Be proud, rest in peace.


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Horrendous news.

My sincerest condolences to the families and freinds of those brave soldiers.
to the families and colleagues of those brave souls who have lost their lives. my thoughts are with you all. i am so sorry for your loss and remember you will always be part of the military family. we will not turn our back. i lost my brother in iraq and can vouch for the pulling together there will be for you. again, i am so sorry for the sacrifice you have made.
RIP boys...
Sad loss.

RIP lads

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