3x45CDO 1xCLR KIA AFGN 121208

Just seen on Sky news , four lads killed in two seperate explosions.

No link as yet.

God speed fellas, RIP.
RIP Deepest condolences to family and friends.
Rest in Peace Royal.

Thoughts are with you and famillies
Awful, awful news.

My respects to the families.

God Bless you guys. May we help your families & loved ones in these times of need.

Rest in Peace & we salute you.

Take care K & the family
Five lads KIA in Iraqistan,My Sincere & heartfelt condolences go out to relatives & friends of the fallen.
Words cannot express the way I feel after hearing this,I was laid off last week & was feeling (selfishly) sorry for myself.Not now,I'm eternally grateful to our lads & lassies who are in harms way,you know when I joined up the threat was the IRA & Warsaw Pact.Now we fight a enemy far,far more callouse & unhumane.

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