3wks Training Programme for Basic

I've just sorted out a training programme for the next three weeks, when I am due to start basic training for the Royal Signals. Unfortunately, I have been unable to train the past few weeks with injury, and before that, shin splints. I would like any feedback possible. Hopefully, there are some others that will find this training programme helpful, too.

Upper body circuit
30 min hard run

Lower body circuit
1.5 mile hard run
20 min interval run (1 min hard, 1 min easy)

Upper body circuit
Cycle or swim

Lower body circuit
30 min hard run

Upper body circuit
40 min easy run

Upper body circuit
1.5 mile hard run
20 min interval run

Rest, swim or cycle

Upper body circuit: 10x 20-25 press-ups and sit-ups
Lower body circuit: 10x 20-25 squats and squat thrusts

I'm hoping this will be good enough to top off my fitness. I achieved a PB 8:57 min run time at RSC a few weeks ago and this is where I want to be back at, if possible.

Mate chill out , you are ok for the royal sigs mate . hardly taxing stuff joining them . If you are as fit as you say you are you are fine . I guess you are all mad keen etc all excited to join up but training is easy so dont feel let down when you get there .
Yeh, you're probably right, but I can't help but worry :lol:

I was seriously shocked I got that time for my run. I want to achieve that again when I start basic, but I'm concerned I won't be able to meet that target again. Before that, my PB was just 9:54 min. Since RSC, I've been unable to train, which has ticked me off. I've done some swimming and such, but I'm a very poor swimmer, so the benefits are minute.

Like you said, I'm probably just over keen and nervous :d
Good on you mate , if only all recruits were the same as you . Your first PT session will be a let down i can promise you. Just keep yourself tickking over and you will be fine trust me ,
Thats a good amount of preparation your doing, I myself am supposed to be heading to Lichfield next week for Basic but i havent been running in 3 weeks because of a knee injury which doesnt seem to be getting any better. So im gonna have to phone on Monday and see what my options are. My own stupid fault for overtraining. :roll:
Seems injuries are quite common among new recruits entering basic training. What was your run time at RSC and do you think your fitness has dropped since then?

What corps are you heading for?

Good luck with your injury and basic ;)
I was at RSC 6 months ago, (security clearance can take a long time over here). Run time was 10.13 then but i can do it 8.40 now. Nah my fitness hasnt dropped that much, i've been doing low impact training to keep it up. Its very frustrating not being able to run, but at least ive learnt to be progressive with my training instead of doing too much too soon.

Goin for the Royal signals. :wink:
Excellent, shortman, we could end up seeing each other in basic training sometime. May I ask how you got your running time so low. That is an excellent time ;)
Yeh we just might :wink: Um my routine was basically:

Monday= 40 min swim

Wednesday= 50 meter-100 meter sprints for an hour( sprint 50 meters then jog 50 meteres, do that 5 times then rest. Then go again when i feel recovered.

Friday= 4 mile run hilly route.

Sunday=6 mile run, takes about 44 min.

What fucked my knee was when i started training with an ex-army guy and instead of 6 miles on Sunday we done a 12 mile jog.

I didn't do the 1.5 mile run for ages then one day i tried it and just sprinted round it. Do you have any advice on improving on pressups. Sounds like you can do alot.

I would usually start my sets off by doing my max amount, then do 5 sets of 15. After that my arms are pretty much dead lol.
Ayrey those are some pretty goods tips and I'm gonig to start following them. I tried doing the 10 x 25 pressups and sit ups and found it quite easy which is a bonus :lol: Shortman™, this'll sound stupid but I increased my pressup ability by just doing as many as I could and then holding myself up on the last one and then forcing another pressup, keep doing that until you collapse.
Guys, I'd say it might not be a bad idea to (at first) give yourself 3 or 4 rest sessions a week. If you
overtrain, you could do yourself more harm than good.

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