Discussion in 'RAC' started by royaltanky, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. When 3rtr amalgamated a few lost souls got chucked (you know after the regiment promised) into other Regiments.

    I was so ******* unlucky to get chucked into 9/12th i ******* hated it, becoming a pad seemed like a good idea, i got made up straight away, how ******* resented i felt, pissed of with day on day off guards for 3 months living 50 miles away in Paderborn (9/12th in hereford)

    I ended up hating the Army because of that transfer, i went the wrong way and ended up in prison for 2 years.

    Well thats my gripe that ive lived with until now it it has affected my life.

    Anyone else got a story like this ???
  2. Chucked into WHO?!!
  3. I think theres a lot of issues here and before people flame you, I think we should find out the truth.

    I'm going to be quite frank here, did you try to badge out / leave before you, yourself became an ar$e and went to prison?

    Why didn't you relocate?
  4. Surely claiming a war pension, that maybe you could have got some help before it came that bad you went to prison?? Just wondering if their was no one who could have helped before prison??
  5. so you went to prison an its 9/12 fault. my heart bleeds purple piss for you.
  6. RoyalTanky

    I would just like to say, WWWWHHHHHOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Just before you start to take a sh*t load of flak mate. The 3rd upheld a tradition of getting on with everyone in the RAC - just temper yourself a bit mucker. We are not about to slag each other off here!!! Other than in a good humoured sort of way!! I sense (no I'm not fcukin Mystic Meg) that you are harbouring huge sensitivities here, don't please take it out on the others. The 9/12th will, I'm sure, have had their share of problems during 'options for change' the same as the rest.
    No one can take your feelings away from you but, let's please not get carried away venting them on here mate.
    PM Soprano and ask if you can 'come under the camnet' with the 3rd but, please don't upset the name of the 3rd with our brethren on here.....okay pal? :thumright:
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Royal we needed people like you to find out if the 9/12th were really out there :wink:
  8. royaltanky wrote
    Sorry? did you do Bovvy with the 9th/12th, and if my maths is wrong then the 3 tours i did in the 70s werent in ireland ????
  9. Quote::
    I served 1988 to 1996 i went through Catterick, then went Hemer (near Dortmund) then to 9th- 12th lancers in Herford (Germany) then to Bovington. Oh and 3rtr was the fisrt Armoured Regiment to do an infantry role in NI for 16 years when we went there in 1989 and did South Armargh

    I was in the Scots D.G´s in NI in Auchnacloy??76, done nearly a year with the 9/12 in 77 ( great bunch of guys, really enjoyed being with them) In where was that? Oh yeah Omagh, St Angelo, what a dump. And 80 in Belfast, GCH. So I tend to disbelieve your statement somewhat. And if you get chucked into jail, it´s you´re own fault. Prannit.
  10. i;m not knocking the 9/12th and no way knocking 3RTR, but when you lose your regiment and friends and your situated 50 miles from a camp and you just got married, and you day on day off guard for 3 months after you took a cadre course for 2 months, and your trained on Challenger not pissy scorpions/ scimitars, you tend too sigh alot.
  11. And to answer the question, i was one of the 50 or so that didn't get to stay in 3RTR
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    royaltanky - You and me would have made lousy "flower sellers" anyway. Now come and play in the 3RTR thread.
  13. Sounds like you need help mate
  14. None of us stayed there fella, the friggin politicians binned the unit - tossers! (Be nice you cav types :) )