3RTR - New Book Published

Anyone who has servied in a Tankie LAD will know that they are a good bunch. An old mate of mine has just published a book about the Armoured Farmers in the 70s/80s, well worth a look at.

The book is "Armoured Farmers, a Tankie's Tale" Here's the link (need to do a search)

(Mods - dunno if this is OK here as opposed to books etc... and also - could it be made a sticky??)

Ta :D


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Funny stories whilst serving with us - twas all serious stuff you know 8)
Gosh Mr G, such language - back in the NAAFI wiv ya! OR Rm101!!! Cheers Bud.

Yerr any chaaance of a loan of that there book? Do it ave lotsa pictures? Am oi innit? Boy this book laaads, Arfur3Bums writ it roight.

Fally 3RTR 1972. Just back off Soltau and in A Sqn bar drinking heavily. Polo decides it's time yet again for one of his famous window jumps. Out in the 2nd floor corridor, end windows opened and he does a high speed runup then leaps fearlessly out and plummets earthwards towards the coke pile for the cellar boiler room, as we've all done many times in the past.

"There was no coke pile..." In our absence the boilers had been converted to oil and the coke pile removed. Oh dear - no one had noticed except Polo, but it's too late now. His dispairing cry of "Ohhh fuuccckkkk..." will ring in my ears for all time. Result, broken leg, contusions, cuts, bruises and a drop or two of claret.

He didn't whinge much, being well whiskied, and asked politely to taken to the MRS. The Medics were not happy to be woken from their slumbers at 01:59 by the A Sqn hooligans, "Not 'im again for phukksake jumping out of bloody windows again Kerrist bring him back when he's sober you cuntchabunts d'ya know what time it is..." And more words to that effect. Nevertheless we prevailed upon the RAMC to treat our wounded comrade or we'd kill 'em so they sent Polo to Hannover who by this time had dozed off muttering about the "Fekkin Krauts movin moi bleddy coke poile the twaattttssss.." Wot a grin!

It's another true story.

Don't miss next weeks tale of "Thunderflashing the Trout Ponds" near Bivvy Area 9 and it's sequel "The Day We Trapped a Boar" and didn't know what to do with it. (Humph - you started it Mate!)
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