Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Athene, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. I'm trying to get in contact with people who were in 3 RHF in the year and a half I was in charge of 5 platoon B company, in particular some members of the officers mess who mentored me and my Platoon Sgt Davie (for some reason his surname escapes me).

    I think last time I saw Davie was at the end of a platoon attack on a GSUOTC position where he broke his leg and where at the end of the exercise a few days later we discovered I had actually broken my arm.

    I disappeared in August 1999 to do something that was more important to me than going to the TACC at Sandhurts but am now finally in a position where I feel comfortable with getting back in contact with old comrades.

    To clarify who I am, I was endowed with the nickname 'Gash' by one of my section commanders....more in reference to me being rubbish....but rather apt when you think about it ;)

    If anyone is up for getting in contact with a VERY different person (physically at least) please do. Or if you know someone who might, please pass this on.



    (sorry for cross posting this but I just want to make sure I try all avenues)
  2. who the fvck are 3 RHF?
  3. 3rd Battalion Royal Highland Fusiliers (TA) darling :p

    Possibly before you were born ;)
  4. did the real thing with the 1st Bn before you were sunshine.
  5. Cheeky git, I agree with you Bumper a newbie!
  6. Sorry if I made you feel old ;)