3rd PS3 in 3 years, and Sony Don't Give A F@ck!

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by carlbcfc, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. My PS3 light turns yellow, and then blinking red when I try to turn it on. Basically, it is fucked. I have had issues with 2 previous consoles, on those occasions they exchanged it like for like. Now the cheeky cnuts are offering me:

    - a same age console
    - of the same spec (40GB)
    - with a 6 month warrenty
    - obviously recon

    for ..................£131 !!!!!

    Are they taking the piss? I can buy an 80gb from ebay for that or less, or even 360 for even less. At this rate, their consoles are lasting on average under 1 year. I told them if a manager cannot sort this, I will buy an xbox and spend my money with them instead, as I do buy from the PSN store, so they will lose out. They will also lose me as a customer for life as I cannot trust their consoles to last for the price I pay.

    What the feck am I to do?
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Is it within the 1 year manufacturers warranty?

    If not then there is a set of 'words' in the sale of goods act 1979 which are below:

    You could try quoting these at them, usually scares they once they think you know the laws.

    basically you need to be able to prove that it is either a known manufacturing/design fault or that it should be expected that the unit should last longer than it has.

    these aren't easy to do but you could try the small claims court and at only £50 it's cheaper.

  3. I know basically **** all about these things but have been doing some research as YoungFilthy is getting a PS3 for his birthday. Google "how to fix the yellow light of death".
  4. Get an Xbox360.............mine went tits up and Microsoft couldn't have been more helpful. Free one in the post within a day or two, and some free Xbox live vouchers for the inconvenience.
  5. Have you ever thought the problem might be something that your'e doing or not doing?

    I have had my original PS3 since release, so has my son, so have most of my friends......

    You on the other hand are on your 3rd in 3 years?...

    Where are you keeping it, is it over heating whilst in use? (Is the fan constantly whirring away?)
    Are you shutting it down correctly?
    Are you performing basic housekeeping on it? (They are like dust magnets, you can actually make it blow all the dust out of itself, but this is best done outside)
    or are you just unlucky?!

    You will find that the most common cause of the "Yellow Light of Death" is down to the system being used in high tempratures or enclosed spaces like inside TV Cabinets.

    Hope this helps...
  6. It is on an open shelf, with all the vents clear. I do use the 'self clean' now and again, and the only time it has never been shut-down properly was during a power cut a while back. I have never noticed the fan while playing to be honest. Bear in mind this is a 40gb model.

    Awaiting a call from a supervisor. I told them I can get a brand new 360 from GameStation for £80, slightly more with games included, and a 12 month warrenty, so why on earth would I pay £131 for a recon 40gb with a 3 month warranty, that will most likely fail again next year.
  7. I am on my 3rd X360 in about 5 years (ring of death). They indeed replaced the first couple of consols without any issue (up front) and threw in some vouchers. The new ones come only with a 1 year warranty (as oppose to 3 years with the first issues). Mostly these consoles can be mended, I know the ring of death can (pennies on the bottom of m'board etc) but honestly I cant be bothered.

    All I am saying is do not expect the X360 to be more reliable than the PS3, nevermind the fan noise!
  8. I received the call back from a Sony manager. He offered to replace my console, and include a 3 month warranty after taking a look at my past history with failed consoles. If I have bother again I am to ask for him. If your in my situation, just ask for a manager and say your going to get an xbox.

    Does anybody know how I can insure this without a receipt? It seems the only option Sony offer is £131 and they will swap like for like, so if you have a 120gb Slimline your laughing, but if you have a 40gb fatty, it ain't worth it.
  9. With the amount of hardware that you appear to have had chipped/hacked/jailbroke/whatever, and the amount of posts you have made regarding failed or problematic equipment, I suggest you join the Amish, for a technology free life.
  10. We are on our first PS3 and in our 3rd year, how does one do the self clean?

    Red rings of death 2 times on Xbox over the same period.
  11. We have just had the same problem, my son has had his 40gb model for about 26 months and his has just had the yellow light, I phoned SONY and had the same spiel, when I told the guy that I thought £131 was too expensive for a reconditioned unit with only 3 months warranty he told me to contact the retailer with the receipt and quote sale of goods act.

    We can't find proof of purchase, and are not 100% sure which retailer we bought it off, (at my age I can't reme......What am I writing?)

    Cut a long story short I am going to have a go at the Hot Air Gun repair, will let you know if it works........
  12. I was under the impresssion the PS3 was rock solid. I normally find Sony kit to be totally reliable.

    I am an avid 360 user (becuase of the HALO series). I have had it die on me twice. It was outside the warranty period and was an AV fault-3 reds not the RROD. I wrote a letter and said it was an intermittant RROD fault. They collected it, fixed it and it was back with me, with L!VE vouchers and a new 12 month warrenty within 8 days. They replaced the DVD Drive I think. About 6 months later the fault occured again, again they collectected it, fixed it, returned with vouchers and 12 month warranty with 14 days, this time I think they replaced the Mother Board.

    Edited to add _ if 360 fan & drive noise is irritating you then try installing the game to the HDD. It runs much quieter then.
  13. No.1 son had problems with his last year and found this on a PS forum:

    "I run a local repair service on the ps3 and xbox 360 in ayrshire, scotland. I started as a customer of both microsoft and sony who had to adress the rrod issue with my 360 and the yellow light of death on my ps3. Once word got round localy that I can fix these, it all grew from there.

    First off, there ARE majour faults with both consoles and I find it an insult that sony try to deny there is and blame users for there consoles failing.

    The fault lies in defects and poor design in the cooling system. Simple as. They all overheat and this causes the solder joints on specific chips to constantly soften up and eventualy, cold solder. Primeraly the gfx chip and unfortunatly, variouse chips close to the gfx chip.

    I don't beleive in the "heat up" technique as it will never work as a perminant fix. Once the solder joints have been softened up to the point that the conection breaks and they cold solder, heating it up will never perminantly fix it because the solder holding the chips has been ruined.

    There is only one way to perminantly fix these faulty consoles. Use a heat gun to remove existing solder the use a solder gun to solder the chips back on with fresh solder.

    It can be done easily if your good enough with these tools.

    This method guarentees no returns. I've repaired probably thousands of 360's and ps3 over the past year and they never come back to me. :)

    As for sony claiming there are only a small number faulty, why then have I had to repair over 200 ps3 consoles in the past month alone?"

    Luckily we found the receipt and forced the retailer to take it back (all the guff about return to maker only is just that) and he purchased some add-on fans for the new one. Dust is a real killer on the PS3 because of the heat sink design and he has stripped the new one down a couple of times now to get the grot out. Even though it sits on a desk it still picks up a fair bit.

    Advised not to do the "fan test" thing as on some versions it gets the fan to run up to max speed by the not entirely helpful trick of overheating the chip.
  14. Ask for a supervisor, and tell them you can buy 360 for 80 quid. Worked for me. Got my shiny reconditioned PS3. Only problem now it insuring it with no receipt?