3rd party adverts slowing arrse

My t'internet connection is struggling like mad on arrse today. no issues with other sites.

Seems that on the loading bar at the bottom (chrome) its gets stuck on 'waiting for netdna.arse.co.uk'

anyone else having this trouble?
I've noticed it's been slowing my Firefox down for a while now waiting for all sorts of ads.
I'm OK on my PC at home, but it slows my laptop at work. If I want to give a 'like' on my laptop I have to stop the page from loading.
This reason is why I stopped posting on ARRSE on deployment, I simply couldn't get on pages as the netdna loaded, and loaded, and loaded.....

AdBlocker on Firefox deals with it a treat, but ancient Navystar doesn't have such a thing.
Same thing here, dead slow. The bar at the bottom keeps saying "Done", then waiting for whatever comes next. Often it's one or other "Googledouble click advert" and finally it's the completely nonsense links to Twitter, facebook et al. The ads have taken over the site it seems, and the page loading is so slow, waiting for all these bits and pieces to arrive from elsewhere and just waste download limits.

Not only that but they bring other crap with them. Sometimes clicking the back button does nothing, then clicking the down arrow shows that over a dozen other URLs have slipped in too. Making going back impossible without leaving the site or even closing and relaunching explorer. Bloody adverts, more trouble than they are worth.
I'm finding that i have to close down the browser and it will be ok for a bit

otherwise the ads just keep the whole browser in limbo
netdna is nothing to do with advertising. It's something called a content delivery network and it allows is to serve many files from servers around the world to speed up site loading for those outside Ireland, where the main servers are. If it had caused problems then they will be temporary.

Regarding adverts, these are loaded as documents independent of the site, which should mean that a whole arrse page can load and display regardless of the advert load speed.
We have had a lot of problems with advertisers in the last few weeks, and the reports of popups make me want to beat my head off the wall. These problems should be going away now.

I should add though that for those who object to us financing the thing through advertising, we do offer an advertising free version http://www.arrse.co.uk/content/1181-arrse-without-ads.html

Any comments about pricing appreciated by the way
Could it be a cache issue gco?
A lot of people will resolve the slow loading issues by deleting their cookies, web history & emptying their cache.
It has been slow last night and this evening for me using IE 9

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