3rd MI Bat, joining query


Hello Fellas,

Just looking for some infomation on this unit, I have looked on the army site. Have been looking at trying to re-join and re-trade from sigs for a while.

Are there plenty of opportunities for depolyment, currently a fully manned unit? how often is a trade course run? how long is it? how long usually until you are fit for role within the unit? The usual questions, anything anyone can spin me which isnt on the army website will be useful.

Cheers guys.....
Not part of the unit, but I do know a few peeps in at the moment and have looked into it myself.

You'll prob get more info from the IntCorps Forum, but I'll try and give you what I know.

As with everything in the Army now, there are always opportunities. I believe there are many opportunities in tours, but many through FTRS engagements. For details and sake of OPSEC, I'm sure it'll be far better if you get it from the horses mouth, when talking with the recruiting staff. I'm told, religiously, that they exercise Intelligent Mobilisation.

Although the unit has an unusually high retention (or so I'm told), there's normally room for a good candidate. However, under TA Rebalancing and FAS an entirely new TA MI Bn - 5 MI Bn is being created, which will of course mean that plenty of new LSNs will be available.

Operator of MI (class 3) is run twice a year - it's a fortnight long. However, if you're doing specialist training there will obviously be longer courses after this very basic course - some, excessively so.

Length until FFR is dependant on your availability for the courses, and of course, your current status - again, a question best fired at the recruiting team/PSAOs.

Companies are spread up and down the country, with a sprinkling of detachments, as well - so it shouldn't be too hard to touch base with your most local unit.

Selection weekends are held three times a year.

Any more specific questions, drop me a msg and I'll try and answer to the best of knowledge - although I would highly recommend the recruiting staff (they're quite approachable!)
To answer your queries in order:

If you want a holiday courtesy of HMG then you won't wait long after asking - we had going on for 10% mobilised before 9/11 for example. Mobilisation recently has been totally voluntary and they do ask you for mob status regularly.

Fully manned - ho ho ho, doubly so with the plans for 5 MI. It does vary significantly by company, some of which are national, some local. Retention is good at some levels but awful at others, generally if you sign up for a second engagement you tend to be around decades later.

However, particularly for someone already in green that means opportunity coming out of your ears. Some exciting stuff is coming alone, the regs need supporting, exercises come along regularly and there are lots of promotion slots to be filled by anyone who can attain the standards - no such thing as dead mans shoes, if you can get qualified for rank you'll get it.

Entry is via selection weekend so that is the significant date as far as you're concerned, trade courses are held as and when but as I did what was the Op Int & Sy A3(V) in the days when the Red Army formed a large part of the syllabus I'd recommend getting some more up to date advice.

As to fit for role, without wishing to insult your intelligence it depends on the role - certainly you'd be considered eligible for mobilisation with just your A3 (or whatever we call it this week). However, for some of the more esoteric specialities can take several annual camps (time depends on how many you can do a year) to get yourself up to speed.

As we're all the same trade we lack the rigid boundaries between roles you might have seen in the past, people tend to look at experience or just say "you'll pick it up quickly so don't worry".

The bottom line is, ring up and ask. Don't be afraid to put yourself forward and given the tendency to gapped posts and so on among the admin staff it's probably advisable.


Much oblieged gents, good advice, covers what I want to know. I will get on the phone.

Arrse has been a success on this one!


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