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Hey guys, just a quick question

Did you guys have three interviews? Because I heard there is only two, but since the sergeant’s boss (warrant officer) wasn’t at the recruiting office at the specific time in which I had my second interview, I have to go back to the office.

So my question is basically how many of you did this happen to? Or is it just me? Did I make a bad impression? Although he said there is no reason for me not to be put forward to selection.

And also how many of you had to complete a mini-icebreaker in front of the warrant officer?
I am shit scared on what to say, but I guess the 3rd interview was because the warrant officer wasn’t there at the time
There is 3 interviews in total the 1st interview is when you walk in the door and first speak to one of the ACA's, technically its not an interview as such its an assessment for eligibility, your 2nd interview is where you talk about yourself ect and at the end a report is written and you will be told if your are suitable to attend ADSC, your 3rd interview was if under 18 mandatory, but policy has now changed that all candidates will have a 3rd interview with the senior recruiter/office manager. You haven’t been singled out in any way. So interview 1 you walk in the door wanting to join the army, you are assessed and given an application form, interview 1 done. Interview 2 is with the recruiter, report written, told if you are going to ADSC, interview 3 with SR/OM makes sure you know the job you are doing, where you will go for training, what you will learn, some make you do an icebreaker.
luke.s said:
ive only had one with the warrant officer.
at the end of the interview he said he dont need to see me again lol :roll:
Really? Go figure.
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