3rd class postal service.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Nobby Sapper, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. Posties in Doncaster won't have to deliver the mail in inclement weather. One of their number was un-fortunate enough to slip on wet paving and break his shoulder. Surprised he didn't graze his knee whilst toting shorts.

    Royal Mail To Stop Delivering On Rainy Days After Postman Slips

    Householders can, however, collect it from their local sorting office.
    How ******* decent of them.

    Whats next trawlermen not having to set sail in choppy weather?
  2. Well its not like we're expected to go soldiering when its too cold and wet, and the snow lies thickly all around making the front decks of your wagon deathly slippery, but then you recognise the risk, and act bloody carefully when clambering about on the bloody thing. Still, it would appear to only be a short term thing until the local council have sorted out their side of affairs and provide a safe working environment for the poor wee posties.
  3. 'elf and safety strikes again. Smells like a compo claim in the making against the local council.

    Was the casualty wearing authorised footware?

    The more the posties on the ground let this type of service withdrawal continue, the more I think they should pack it in and be privatised. Accidents happen. Suck it up and keep delivering.
  4. They can read in Dunny?
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  5. So posties won't deliver in inclement weather? Isn't it always pissing down rain in the UK?
  6. Only when we're under the imposition of a hosepipe ban.
  7. So someone falls over, they cant do there job? Sack the lazy, bone idle, thieving *****. Im sure there are plenty of people that would take there place. Does this mean I dont have to life boxes if theyre over shoulder height, or on the floor? I could damage my back...

    Personally, I think we should stop sending letters and just use email/fax. DHL/UPS/parcel force for any packages or shopping. Atleast the post will arrive on time and undamaged!
  8. Royal Mail is s h i t e and is becoming s h i t e r by the day. For about four years now mail deliveries have been becoming more and more erratic. Deliveries to my postal address in UK started getting later and later and now the mail gets delivered "some time during the day", rather than before breakfast.

    The reasons are:

    Very poor inward looking management
    Poor vertical communication within the management chain
    almost zero lateral communication within the organisation
    An almost total lack of direct and close supervision
    Zero quality management procedures
    Zero quality control inspections and checks
    A badly motivated workforce, some of whom look like pikeys and the cast from the Hills Have Eyes.

    Mainly, the problem is due to lack of good management and direction.

    Sorry to say it but, increasingly, the NHS is exhibiting similar tendencies and has been for some time.
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  9. You know it really isn't fair on posties having to do so much walking, especially in this day and age. After all, milkmen have had vehicles for ages now. Surely it's high time that as many posties as possible should have an electric van of some sort so they can get around easier and quicker. Time there was a committee looking into this if you ask me!
  10. Nicely bated hook :)
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  11. Could be like the BFPO mail lot who just take what the fancy.
  12. We have a 'postal service'?

    I get a teenage twunt who dresses in his best adidas and baseball cap but puts his postman pat hi viz tabard on, who randomly wanders aroind the street texting furiously and occassionslly stuffs some mail in random letter boxes. If its the end of his shift, everything in his hand gets stuffed in the next box he reaches. Doesn't use a bike, not sure wether its because he can't ride or it would interfere with his texting. He gets dropped off by a post van with a bag, doesn't carry the bag, be leaves it at the end of the street and keeps going back to it to top up his hand, and picked up again at the end of his shift.
    As you can imagine, the service is speedy and no mail gets delivered to the wrong address.
  13. Not exactly the same topic but the spiraling debt of USPS back home is hotly being debated (after years of being brushed under the carpet) right now. The problem is people are using less and less postal stuff to pay their bills etc. (while most online shopping is delivered by UPS, Fedex etc), they still maintain a full 6 day delivery - and the distances and areas they have to cover in the U.S. are vast. They have been trying to close down a lot of the very low use post offices (some 3500+) but the administration is dithering because of the potential backlash from the communities. Also the generous benefits and pensions are a big issue.

    Postal Service chief: If we do nothing, we're Greece - Jun. 12, 2012
    U.S. Postal Service going way of Greece, chief says | Reuters

    They've been trying to change their revenue model into some EU services like Deutsche Post (increasing profits) / DHL - but it's not easy. And face it, we pay a lot less for postage and other fee in general compared to the UK for example ($1 for postal redirect for a month, compared to £10? here in the UK) - they need to be increased, like it or not.

    UPDATE 1-Deutsche Post eyes $1.3 bln more in profit by 2015 | Reuters

    It's not easy, the U.S. market needs and attitudes are different - but something needs to be done.
  14. My experience here is that the Vietnamese postal service is far better than UK. My daughter in UK sent me an envelope containing a credit card by Parcel Farce, which took 21 days to get here. Good job she sent it express and not ordinary post.

    By contrast we sent a package of baby clothes from here to my daughter by Viet post, which took 8 days (4 of which were in UK, prolly waiting for Customs clearance).

    Last week I sent a kilo of lentils by Viet post to a mate in Japan who is suffering from cancer, (for some reason you cant buy lentils in Okinawa) by and they arrived 3 days later.
  15. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Having had a couple of good chats with the two Posties that serve the office (delivery and evening collection) they seem like good, honest blokes who are continually done over by Management.

    Almost weekly there's a route/shift/procedure change to "increase efficiency" - which of course it doesn't. Because every day you're in a settling in period, and just as things settle down - they change it again.

    We've now asked outside Companies to tender for our mail services.....