3rd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment getting the freedom of Keighley on 9th July

3rd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment are getting the freedom of Keighley on Saturday 9th July at 11.00 am. They are to march from the Drill Hall to Town Hall Square.

I'm thinking about marching with them* so if anyone wants to come along and give them a cheer, please do. They'll be getting a rousing welcome from our fair town, that's for sure. If they can be bothered mustering for parade on a Saturday, then the least I can do is get my sorry arrse out of bed and support them. I'm hoping there'll be beer afterwards.

*I'll have my best shabby raincoat on and will be the one tick-tocking and throwing up spacker salutes ;-)


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3rd - is that the dukes?


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Trying to remember the name of a sergeant I had from them 20 years ago, came to us in hiding from depot as he had just turned queens on half the staff according to the rumour.

Dave something S maybe, super high blood pressure, tattoos and deep sunken haunted eyes.
Actually, it's an "honorary freedom" since The Yorkshire Regiment already has the Freedom of the Metropolitan Borough of Bradford of which Keighley is within the boundary. Still, nice gesture for the citizens of this historic town to further recognise the Regiment.

This is not the first time this has occured in the history of the newly created regiment. The town boroughs of Bridlington and Beverley in the East Riding granted honorary freedoms at the Regiment's formation to have their gestures officially recognised by the granting of the Freedom of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

As a footnote, Bradford correctly granted the Freedom to The Regiment and not to any particular Battalion (both the PWO and DWR had the Freedom of the Borough. In so doing they moved on to the future rather than look backwards.

Fortune Favours The Brave.
Happy to be corrected on that point, many thanks for the extra info SpareTimer. These events are an opportunity to show that we old (formerly served) civvy bastards still care. We've lost one or two of Bradford's sons in recent years (I knew one of them quite well), that's something that happened rarely in my time and these occasions are all the more important for it because of the sacrifices being made today. We will never forget and I shall be making sure everyone I know has the information and the opportunity to attend this event. I shall be bumping this thread up now and then to make sure people on here have the chance to see it.
Oh, by the way, rumour has it that Timothy Taylor's brewery is putting beer on at a local pub (Possibly the Royal Oak?).
Hope it's the Havercake Ale as it would be fitting for the 'Havercake Lads' to get some of that luvvery jubberly beer down their necks. I'm sure they'll be happy to have their arms twisted... :biggrin:

You'll have to check out this linky to find out what Havercake Ale is all about.


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QLR did get sent home though.


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probably ashamed of it like when you go over the M62 .

east to west - you are now entering lancashire

west to east theres an 8 foot white rose and ​Yorkshire, Gods County.



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did you miss something?
Well it's at 11.00 am this morning so the weather is due to break early and hopefully the sun will shine on the lads as they step out and make us all proud.
Good luck lads. I'll be taking some pictures and will post them in the galleries.
Nasty rumour of free beer in the Royal Oak afterwards, allegedly by courtesy of Timothy Taylors Brewery.

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