Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Green_Homer, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. Sincere apoligies if this has been done before have scanned all the pages and found nothing.

    Any serving or recent members able to PM me any details about how FAS has changed the orbat? Been out of the loop for a while but im coming back soon, only found out it had changed earlier when I phoned up! Got enough details to satisfy all the official needs but would appreciate the ins and out so Im not getting hoodwinked into transferring into something which is being avoided like the plague by the natives!!

    Will PM more info if needed

  2. The regiments.org page is correct:

  3. Brilliant!

    Thanks a lot! MOD and 123pwrr.com were last updated over a year ago!
  4. Green_Homer

    PM Me. I am currently in 3 PWRR. If you let me know what location you're going to I'll give you the unofficial lowdown on how FAS has affected us as the regiment.org is not 100% correct.