3mth warning order

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by miamoo, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. I am abit worried about my son. He had almost finished his phase 2 training when he injured his leg during a run.
    He has been on sick for the last 3 months and its not clear what the problem is, he is back to see the specialist later this month.
    He has been told he could be medically disharged.

    He was called in to the CO last week out of the blue and put on a 3mth warning order for 3 locker inspections from 6 months ago.
    He has overslept today and missed parade. This is the first time he has ever overslept and the 3 locker inspections are the only
    things he has ever done wrong in his phase 1 and phase 2 training.
    But as he is on the 3mth warning order he is really worried.
    Do you think he will get kicked out for this?
    Thanks for reading
  2. I would say he has been hard done to if he has been given this bender for something that happened so long ago. Punishment must be proportionate and given within a reasonable time. That said he's in the army and having mummy go crying to the CO would not be good.
  3. How is it possible to over sleep during training?
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  4. **** knows?! We had our DS charging in the lines every morning shouting, screaming, kicking things and banging bin lids together.
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  5. Chuffing 'ell it's Tropper!!!!
  6. Woaaah! Tropper?!?!

    Didn't everyone get woken by their DS in the same sort of manner?!
  7. Nope. RACTR Course 78/19 were woken each morning by that nice Cpl Wolf with a lovely cup of tea. Smashing.
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  8. Certainly not. In the Royal Marines we are woken with tea and toast with a selection of preserves.
  9. That I can believe :)
  10. I could never figure out how the **** managed to scream obscenities, bang a dustbin with a pick helve and play the bagpipes all at the same time. In the dark. The ****.
  11. I can never hear a strip light turning on without thinking of training. That *chink chink chink* noise gently waking you from deep, knackered sleep seconds before all hell broke loose in the form of a shouty creature dressed in dpm kicking hell out of lockers, bins and beds.
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  12. Agai 67 action for over sleeping ( minor sanction: working weekend, extra kit parades etc).
    As for the charge relating to 6 months ago; they've left too long a gap to make a minor offence like that stick and a 3 month bender is excessive punishment.
    Are you sure it's the CO doing this? It sounds you boy is lying yo you about why he's getting nailed if it is!
    If his leg is an issue, he could face PAP 10 action; a medical assessment to see if he'll get better or if he's now unfit to continue.
    If he's unfit to continue then hell have to go to a medical assessment board and be dealt with from there..
    Hope this helps.
  13. Ha! Ha! , I'm exactly the same.

    Good description with the chink sound.
  14. Reading between the lines here:

    He has been on the sick for 3 months, if he is on much longer without a firm diagnosis then he will be discharged , the Army does not do long term sick especially during basic training. He must do whatever it takes to get fit again.

    He has been given a 3 month bender , for something that happened 6 months ago?????/ Sorry love with me that doesn't wash. There has to be something else he has not told you about.

    He has overslept today and missed a parade, worst he should get is 7 days ROPs but if the 3 month bender is related to him being lazy or malingering then his CO might take a dimmer view.

    Blunt edge? He knows he is in it big time, he is setting himself up for a fall, and this in basic training is a big mistake especially when you consider that the Army is reducing by 20%. If he does not start getting his act together now and I am surprised none of his NCOs have rattled this then you can look forward to having him back home.
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  15. Sound of a land rover engine being switched off..... about 30 seconds prior to a thunder flash going off!
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