3MI (V) re-join?

Hi, I was in the TA (HAC) for about 5 years, had kids, moved to 3mi, realised that I didnt have enough time, thanks to work and kids, to properly continue and so left, kids are now old enough for me to return.

So questions are

1. would I have to go through basic training/depot etc or do 3mi run an assessment course?
2. I'm 38, I assume that's within the age limitations?
3. Does anyone have any recent experience of 3mi worship street, seemed good last time I was there, has anything changed?

I'll ring them next week, but forewarned is forarmed etc.

All dependent on how long you've been out, at what stage you left last time and other factors the full details I'm not fully up to speed with. Things are different now, much more emphasis on deploying etc. My advice for what it's worth is to contact the ROSO on 0207 611 3912 and arrange to go in for a chat, you've got nothing to loose and might even get a coffee out of it.
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