Hi all

I'm interested in joining 3MI, however I didn't exactly try my best in school and as a result, I don't have the necessary qualifications to join.
Is this a problem? Or will this be overlooked if they realise I'm not a complete thinko upon meeting them and during selection.
Any information on this would be greatly useful!

Thanks in advance


If you do not meet the requirements, you will not get past the front door.

Get to college, get the necessary qualifications, not the bare minimum, but more, and then apply.


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If you google it also says they are looking for cooks and clerks. That's one way, it takes a nifty hand to make eggs to Intelligence standard, us ex-inf only got two choices eat it or bin it.


Oh we will take any one so will 6 and 7. 3 MI are snobs and want the full 5 GCSEs.. Greedy sods :)

There is a waiver we could apply for if you had other quals. We also run a Tech selection. Do you think that you could pass that? What qualifications do you have? What we are looking for is bright people who can do Analyst work.
Thanks for all your replies :)

The reason I chose 3MI in particular was its location, I've just had a quick look at the others and they wouldn't be ideal as they're so far away.

As far as qualifications go, I don't have any that would directly relate to the sort of work I would be doing there. I do, however, have C's at GCSE level in English Language and Literiture, a C in French and the same in IT and D's in both Science and Maths.
I was in the reserves a few years ago, would that count for anything?

Steptoe - could you elaborate on the Tech Selection?


Tech selection is to ensure that you have the mental capacity, logicial and analytical mind-set to do military intelligence work.

You would do some Analyst tasks, Link Analysis, IQ, Grammar, verbal skills, current affairs and other random tests.

So you have 3 Cs at GCSE, if you had any other bits they might speak to you at least. But there are 100s of people applying for 3MI as it is the London Bn.
If you do not meet the requirements, you will not get past the front door.

Get to college, get the necessary qualifications, not the bare minimum, but more, and then apply.
Get lost, it's 'is 'umin rites to join the one he wants! ;)
So the Tech Selection is something everyone joining has to pass? Or is it there for anyone who doesn't have the right qualifications?

I would definitely like to have a good go at it if that's at all possible? I couldn't say if I'd be confident in passing or not yet.. I'm sure there are some similar tests online I could practice with..

Thanks again for all your help everyone, very much appreciated :)
OP, don't give up on your quest. There is a little known way to gain direct entry without being a freemason. Go to an address in London called 22 South Audley Street (make sure you are wearing a dark suite with tie and black shoes, you will be interviewed). Look along the road and you will see a pub called the Leathern Bottle. Make sure that you have a copy of the Big Issue under your arm.

Ask the bar staff for the Cellar Bar and go down the staircase indicated.

As your eyes become accustomed to the low light level within, make for the bar and place your copy of the Big Issue face down on the bar.

Order a pint of London Pride.

To the right of the bar you will see the remote front for the office. It looks like this:

Potted Plant with sculpted Bamboo + Baby Roses 02.jpg

Stand in front of it and say quietly but clearly "I need to see the Gatekeeper".

Go back to the bar and you will be contacted before you have finished the pint.
eodmatt, thanks for the info but unfortunately I've already been down that route.. The Gatekeeper just told me to join Arrse and write a post in the forums..!
Thanks anyway though :)


I have been told that the MI wouldn't take 3 GCSEs with out some extra quals. The requirements are coming from Int Corps HQ.
Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for everything, I'll have to see if I can re-take some GCSEs. Would anyone have any idea as to what other qualifications would be accepted?


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The new Reserve tech selection was rebranded two weeks ago to specialist selection. HQ INT CORPS have harmonised selection across the Regular and Reserve Corps. Education requirements are 5 x GCSEs at grade C or above to include English Language and Mathematics, with the balance to be made up of other sensible subjects. Even graduates need these foundation qualifications, or assurance that they are at level 2 in the NQF in those key subjects. A University of East London 2.2 in Dance just doesn't cut it.

Education waivers can be applied for but there are lots of hoops to jump through and the final call is made by HQ INT CORPS and not COs. The new specialist selection is challenging and the Maths paper in particular, which you can't really prepare for, is an eye-opener. Candidates who don't have the minimum 5 x GCSEs are likely to struggle. There is much less appetite to take on candidates who are likely to be borderline on the Op MI 3, as places are precious and every trained operator counts. It's just good business.


The selection material was sent up by Chicksands in the past. In fact up until Feb 2014 all candidates went to DISC to do the selection over a weekend. The standards are the same and so they should be. The MIRET won't allow people to pass OPMI 3 unless the think they can deploy as an operator. You are right every operator does count.

To the OP. If you really want to join the Corps, go get those GCSEs. Keep up with your current affairs and don't give up. It is a great Corps to aspire too.

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