3g Mobile broadband speed

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by joey_deacons_lad, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. I bought a 3g dongle on pay as you go yesterday and the speed of it was sh1te im rarely getting hsdpa even though according to thier website im in the right area. The only time i got an even halfway respectable speed was after 23.00 last night presumably because of reduced demand. Is there anything i can use to improve the performance or do i just return it tomorrow?
  2. I have one and use it when im on course in the UK.

    I find it all depends on the position of the dongle its self. For instance, whilst at CENTSAM in Pirbright laying on my bed, if i moved the dongle a mear foot it changed its reception form HSDPA to 3G.

    I found that being inside was not all that great of a reception. But then its made for mobile use.

    You may need to see if there is any interferance from other devices or get to an area where you know you have a good mobile phone signal and see what the reception is like there.

    On a good note though my boss had reception virtually to mid point in the channel. Thats English Channel.


  3. Ah i didnt say that i use a desktop :D but will have a play around and see what happens tonight if not i can mag to grid tomorrow morning c'est la vie
  4. I've found it to be uniformly mediocre across the UK indoor and out.

    Broadband? I think not....

    I certainly tell people who enquire that the service is complete fu cking sh1te
    so hopefully in this way, I can discourage people and possibly hurt the lying fuctard at Der Cerrrrphone Warehouse who sold me this piece of sh1t...
  5. I have a vodaphone one, the signals is ok, even got 3g out on the area at Otterburn (admittedly sitting ontop of a hill).

    It's not as good as i expected even when in central London
  6. Use 3G PAYG. its okay and can actually be faster than my BT broadband at home. (live on the end of wire from an unupgraded exchange).
    Haven't noticed a change in speed due to times , but do get that on fixed line broadband.
    Can connect in to company VPN and everything. good reception at most london client sites

    Have succesfully run google earth on a laptop sync'd to a GPS whilst driving (though of course your honour as a a passenger, it would be irresponsible to do that as a driver :roll: :oops: )

    get a longer firewire cable, it does respond well to "elevate antenna"

    If you are closer to fibre optic broadband (sky? Virgin?) go for that, speed is worth it for even despite short term changes of address (unless you are on a course!)

    Thought HSDPA was an inmprovement within 3G?
  7. The wife has used it whilst i was driving down the A1 and M6 corridors on my return journey back to good old BFG. No complaints from her about the speeds but then i made her aware it wouldnt be the same as DSL speeds.

    For me it serves a purpose and i dont have any complaints to be honnest.

    Agree the dongle does need a longer cable than just connecting it to the USB connection point.